Zoltrix Nightingale Optical PCI Sound Card


All, Nightingale Optical PCI Sound Card

Zoltrix Nightingale Optical PCI Sound CardCAN $19
4 speaker line out, 24 bit SPDIF IN/OUT (w/ optical module kit)

Description: Small adapter with 2 digital connectors detaches from top inner corner of card as shipped and mounts in extra port opening found on back of PC case. Internal cable connects digital outputs to the soundcard. Soundcard itself has front and rear stereo analog outs and mic and line in and standard MIDI/joystick port. Soundcard is based on Trident 4DWAVE chip and includes onboard wavetable synth. DirectEverything compatible 3D card.

Links: Zoltrix's page for this product. Calum Tsang submits a review of the Zoltrix sound card.


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