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Description: Digital optical audio cables have two connector types: the small, squarish "TOS-link" connector (see TOS-link entry above) and the optical miniplug (shown left). The optical mini-plug has the same connector dimensions as a normal (electrical) mini-plug. You can buy optical cables with any combination of these two [male] connectors at the ends. Optical cables are usually limited to maximum lengths of 10 to 15 meters. The Sony part numbers for the 1.5 meter optical cables are as follows: TOS-link/TOS-link: POC-15HG or POC-15A or POC-15SP, TOS-link/miniplug: POC151HG or POC-MZ1 or POC-15AB, miniplug/miniplug: POC152HG or POC-MZ2 or POC-15B. These cables can be ordered from Sony Parts at: Sony Electronics Inc., National Parts Center, 8281 N.W. 107th Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri 64153, phone: 800-488-7669 (parts), 816-891-7550 ext 33 (publications/manuals). Also vailable from MCM Electronics (1-800-543-4330), Core Sound and The Sound Professionals.

Links: Core Sound's TOS link and optical miniplug cable page. The Sound Professionals' accessories page.


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