Sony MZ-EP10/EP11

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Sony MZ-EP10
Sony MZ-EP11
Portable Player
Intro: 6/1997
msrp: ¥38,000, street: ¥32,800
out: hdphn, pwr: 1.5VDC80x18.5x104mm, 160g w/o batt., 200g pocket weight

Features: Based upon E30/E50 electronics but with a new ``head loading'' mechansim that allows an MD to simply be pushed against the top of unit, whereupon the door pops out of the way and permits disc insertion. Battery compartment accepts either a gum pack shaped Nickel Hydride cell or a single AA cell. The former provides 4 hours playback, the later 5 hours.

Links: Sony's Product Announcement (translated). Nic Boyde's detailed snapshots of the EP11 give a good view of the disc loading mechanism. A user's review of the EP11. Mo Jaquith contributes an extensive review of the Sony MZ-EP11. A snapshot of Jamiroquai in a Sony MD ad shows him wearing an MZ-EP11 on his head. Sony Japan's page showing an animation of the EP11's head loading mechanism. Sony's English page for the EP11 portable. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.


User Manual: MZ-EP11

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