Sony MZ-E44/E45

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Sony MZ-E44
Sony MZ-E45
Portable Player
Intro: 7/1998
MSRP: ¥33,000, street: ¥26,000
out: headphones87x17.8x91.5mm, 115g (155g pocket weight)

Features: 10 second shock memory. All controls for both units are mounted on a curved surface for ease of use, especially in poor lighting. The included remote is backlit, and is an updated version of the standard Sony stick remote that is currently found on other Sony MD models. Included handstrap lessens the hazard of it dropping on the floor. The MZ-E44 comes in Sparkling Blue and Sparkling Silver, the MZ-E45 comes in Orange and Metallic Gray. Play modes include single song repeat, total disc repeat, and shuffle mode. Includes AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter System). Above listed dimensions include the protruding control surface, so actual dimensions of main unit are slightly smaller. Battery life: 5.5 hours with rechargeable battery, 8.5 with one alkaline AA (via included external add-on battery pack), 16 hours with both. Recharging of battery takes one hour (uses the same battery as the MZ-E35).

Parts: MD-Mechanism Type: MT-MZE44-140, Optical Pick-up Type: ODX-1A/1B

Links: Sony's Japanese MZ-E44/E45 announcement (and an English translation). Eric Whitney maintains a MZ-E44/E45 Info Page. Known dealers of this unit include Sawada Denki, and Japan Direct. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit. As of 14 May 2000, the Sony MZ-E44 is being sold for $100 at J&R (search for mze44). Michael Kirkman has created a handsome Sony MZ-E44 review page that includes a clear scan of the user manual.


User Manuals: MZ-E44, HTML

Service Manuals: MZ-E44, MZ-E44

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