Sony MZ-E75

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Sony MZ-E75portable MD player
Intro: 8/1999
headphone out (x2), DC IN (on battery case): 1.5V86 x 16.3 x 75.4mm

Features: 40 second shock memory, One Touch Eject Mechanism, Backlit Remote (no LCD on body), Twin headphone output, 8-step bass and treble adjustments that can be remembered in two "user profile" settings.

Variants: North American model comes with NiCd instead of NiMH cell.

Links: Sony's Japanese page for this unit. Sony's Tourist model page for the MZ-E75. The MiniDisc T-Station has a review for this unit. Superfi (UK) has information on this unit as well as rotatable photos. Ian McFarlane posts a review of the Sony MZ-E75 player. Minidisco has a rotatable 3-D spinning image of this unit. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.


User Manual: MZ-E75

Service Manual: MZ-E75

Battery LifePlayRecharge
AA x 122 hr
NiMH16 hr1.5 hr
NiMH+AA42 hr
NiCd (N. American)8 hr1.5 hr
NiCd+AA32 hr

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