Sony MZ-E25

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Sony MZ-E25Portable player
Intro: 10/1997
MSRP ¥34,000
out: headphone, pwr: 1.5V102x17.2x75mm, 130g (pocket weight: 170g)

Features: Battery compartment accepts either NiMH gumpack or 1.5V AA cell (separate battery case cannot be used). Bass boost and AVLS controls are on the rear surface, other controls are mounted on the left edge. Playback time: NiMH gumpack 4.5 hours, AA alkaline: 6 hours, NiCad: 2 hours. Available in silver, blue or orange. NiMH gumpack and charger are sold separately.

Links: Sony's Japanese page for the unit and it's English translation. Nic Boyde's snaphots of the MZ-E25. The MZ-E25 is spotted for $100 at Costco (membership not required). Another deal found: The MZ-E25 for $101 at


User Manual: J/E

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