Sony MZ-E600

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Sony MZ-E600portable MD player
Intro: 2/2001

OUT: headphones85.5 x 19.3 x 77.5mm, 72g (97g w/batt)

Features: MDLP capability, extra long remote cord, 40-second anti-shock protection (160 second protection in LP4 mode). Has the ability to alert the user to an incoming cell phone call (see explanation below).

User Notes: According to Sony's site, the cell phone alert function only works with the Japanese domestic protocol of CDMA, one of the largest cell phone networks in Japan (PHS being the other one, which is not compatible). It works by having CDMA built into the E600, then the MD player can recognize the signal patterns of CDMA-incoming calls to a device within close proximity (in this case, probably 1.5ft), then it plays a beep through the MD's headphones to notify the user. --Jason Kwan

Links: Sony Japanese press release describing the new MZ-E600 portable MD player

Specs: 1.5V DC.
(battery times shown show SP/LP2/LP4)


User Manual: J

Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiCad14/16/18 hr3 hr
AA x 142/49/58 hr
Both59/65/75 hr

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