Sony MZ-E55

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Sony MZ-E55Portable MD player
Intro: 10/1998
MSRP ¥38,000
Init mo. prod. 40,000 units
OUT: headphone79.7 x 14.9 x 71.9mm, 80g (120g w/disc, NH-9WM cell)

Features: Small: 32% smaller volume and 35g lighter than the MZ-E35. Diecast magnesium case. 40 second shock memory, backlit "stick controller" remote. Battery life on NH-9WM (included): 7.5hr, AAx1: 10hr, both: 20hr. Recharge time (on external recharger, available separately): 1hr. Available in gold (nearly silver) and blue (nearly black). In Switzerland (and Europe?) on the Gold/silver model is available.


User comments: The volume buttons on the remote are troublesome. You would like to be able to use any of the controls on the remote with a finger and a thumb. The + button is located directly across from the Hold switch, so you can easily grip the remote and press the + button without worrying about the Hold switch. But the - button is located across from the pause button so you can't just grip and press the - button very easily. Note that the main body uses a single rocker switch for the volume as opposed to two buttons, and that would perhaps be better for the remote. This may apply to other Sony models with remotes (the MZ-E55's remote is labelled "RM-MZE55"). Additionally, the unit "...has a rather poorly designed battery door. It's kind of fragile and the clipping is very smooth: when carried in a pocket it may sometimes (well, seldom) open by itself thanks to clothes' friction." (Marc Herbert)


User Manuals: MZ-E55, MZ-E55

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