Sony MZ-E700

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Sony MZ-E700portable MD player
Intro: 10/2000

OUT: headphones78.0 x 14.0 x 72.0mm, 85g (110g w/batt)

Features: MZ-E900 class machine (differs by being a bit larger). MDLP capable. Program play mode. Playback speed controllable from 80% to 110% in 5% steps. Sound settings: 8 treble and 8 bass (64 possible settings total). "Disc Memory Function" associates program play settings, playback speed, sound settings and volume level with each disc.

Links: Sony's Japanese page for this unit. A Japanese electronics page mentions the MZ-E700. Another Japanese electronics page has some photos and a short description of the MZ-E700. MiniDisc T-Station posts info on the Sony MZ-E700 T's MD Comparison Table pages add Sony MZ-E700 photos and specs. A Japanese shop has brochure images of the MZ-E700.


User Manual: J/E

Service Manual: MZ-E700

Battery LifePlayRecharge
hr1.5 hr
AA x 1
Both76 hr (SP) / 100 hr (LP4)

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