Sony MZ-E800

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Sony MZ-E800portable MD player
Intro: 6/2000

OUT: headphones79.5x76.7x17mm, 110g [135g/w batt]

Features: Bass and treble controls, new head loading mechanism, anti-shock buffer of 40 seconds, standard play mode functions, AVLS feature. Includes charging stand, remote control with LCD, AC adaptor, dry battery case, and pouch.

Links: Sony's Japanese announcement for this unit (and an English machine translation). A closeup of Sony's new Walkman logo, found on the MZ-E800. According to Sony it emphasizes the new Sony network era. The Korean MD page posts 20 photos of the Sony MZ-E800


User Manual: J/E

Service Manual: MZ-E800

Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH24 hr3 hr
AA x 137 hr
Both64 hr

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