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May 18, 2000

New commodity

Equipped with "New head loading mechanism" to be able to do disk change quickly
[It] puts it on the market according to "Seamless body" of "MD Walkman".

-Fold type charge stand attachment by which place is not compactly taken up -

MD Walkman ‘MZ-E800' (left) attachment fold type charge stand (right)

Color variation

The Sony marketing (The president:林誠宏(unknown word) and headquarters:(Inc.)Tokyo port district) pursues easiness to use though sticks to, "New head loading mechanism" to be able to replace the disk easily is installed, the fold type charge stand is put on the market additionally, and "MD Walkman" ‘MZ-E800' only for the attached reproduction is put on the market. The MD Walkman adopts a new Walkman logo from this machine.

Type name Sale day Price (excluding tax) Color First monthly production
Portable mini-disc player
"MD Walkman only for reproduction"
June 10 Opening Silver and black

This machine is a model by which the benefit and convenience of the disk change and the charge function with high operation frequency is pursued. The opening button can be pushed and insertion and taking out the disk be done easily without doing the slide by installing of "New head loading mechanism" by which the principle of (*teko*) is applied. Because "Loading shutter" at the disk insertion entrance does the slide by little power, the disk can change easily while put in the pocket and the bag and it is very convenient. Moreover, it is possible to charge it only by putting the main body on the stand by the attachment to the fold type charge stand in the portable telephone sense. Additionally, because the charge stand is a fold type, it is possible to store it compactly. Moreover, [it] folds because the DC IN Jack equipment, [it] fixes with the main body and the screw, and another sales car battery code. - 1 and (*kahkonekutingupakk*)- If two is connected, the battery duration does not worry in the car and it is possible to reproduce. Moreover, the main body on the whole achieves "Seamless body" of molding by adopting the new head loading mechanism in there are few commissures.
After [it] designed in solidity, a simple, beautiful body was enabled. A small liquid crystal can be installed in the main body, and setting 曲番(unknown word) and the volume under the reproduction be displayed. *** Moreover, for about continuous <reproduction> 64 hours- A basic performance of the MD Walkman of long play etc. of three has been enhanced, too. "(*dejitarusaundopuriset*)" function of the favorable comment to be able to enjoy music by my favorite tone quality is installed, and additionally, the high pitched sound and the bass can set my favorite tone quality from each combination of eight stages by 64 kinds of in total by two positions, and can enjoy the sound of sticking to.
- 3,500 yen of 3,800 yen per 1.2 car of battery code ‘DCC-E230'/(*kahkonekutingupakk*) ‘CPA-8'
- When one alkali AA dry battery is used together with three attachment charge pond, about 64 hours can continuously be reproduced.

- Main feature

1. "New head loading mechanism" adoption with easy disk change
Newly developed "Head loading mechanism" by which "Principle of (*teko*)" is applied is adopted. The opening button can be pushed by lifting the loading shutter on the disk and the disk be inserted without doing the slide. In addition, the disk can be taken out only by moving the loading shutter by the finger below. The disk change can be easily done in in the pocket, in the bag, and a narrow car by little power, and it is very convenient.

2. "Fold type charge stand" attachment of compact size which can be used as battery adaptor in car
*** It is easily attached <the charge stand which can be charged> only by putting each main body in the portable telephone sense on the stand. The charge stand is folded compactly, and can be stored. Moreover, if the charge stand is folded, [it] fixes with the main body and the screw, and (*kahkonekutingupakk*) of another sales car battery code and another sales is connected, it is possible to reproduce as the battery duration does not worry in the car. The charge in the car is possible when MD unused.
Moreover, "Rotary commander for the on-board" ‘RM-WMC1' (standard price 3,000 yen) which can be pleasantly operated while driving is put on the market simultaneously if [it] connects it with Walkman on hand.

3.; 継ぎ目がほとんどなく堅牢でおしゃれな“シームレスボディ"採用;
[It] achieved by adopting a seamless body with few commissures which had been on the whole molded. Moreover, after [it] designs, a simple, beautiful body has been achieved, too. The color variation prepares three colors of green which stand out by the black and pop by which [it] appeals.

4. Battery life continuous reproduction of enhancement of about 64 hours
The reproduction of about the longest 64 hour was achieved by the chewing gum type nickel hydrogen charge pond and using the attachment together one Sony alkali AA dry battery. The music life in outdoor can be enjoyed as the battery cutting does not worry.

5. The liquid crystal which displays 曲番(unknown word) and the volume in the main body is installed.
The operation can be easily confirmed by installing the liquid crystal which displays the operation like 曲番(unknown word) and the volume, etc. in the main body when remote control is not used, and it is very convenient.

6. Equipped with "(*dejitarusaundopuriset*)" function which can be customized to tone quality of my specification
The level of the high pitched sound (TREBLE (*toreburu*)) and the bass (BASS bus) can be separately adjusted respectively by eight stages, and a fine sound creation by 64 kinds of is possible. In addition, because the tone quality of the favor is (*puriset*)ed by two kinds, the sound always customized to my specification can be enjoyed. [It] sets it while seeing the liquid crystal screen of remote control "Smart stick controller" of the attachment when reproducing. The graduation bar and the cursor can be displayed when entering a set mode, and a sight effect of production be enjoyed because [it] (*puriset*)s it while moving the cursor right and left.

7. Other features
- "Smart stick controller" attachment of favorable comment that reproduction and head putting out of tune are easy
- Equipped with 音飛び(unknown word) guard memory for long time of about 40 seconds
- Play mode function that one repetition and all tune repetition and shuffle repetition reproduction can be enjoyed
- Gently to the ear; *** Pleasant volume switch (AVLS=Automatic Volume Limiter System) which controls the limit. automatic the volume by which <trouble> 音(unknown word) leakage to surroundings is suppressed

- Main specification

Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Reproduction reading method Non-contact optics reading (semiconductor laser use)
Number of channels Stereo two channels/monaural one channel
Sampling rate 44.1kHz
Voice compression method ATRAC(Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding)
Frequency characteristic 20〜20,000Hz±3dB
(*waufurattah*) Below measurement limit value
Input terminal DC IN Jack * attachment charge stand is equipped.
Output terminal Headphone (stereo mini-Jack)
Power supply The connection to pass and to stop rechargeable nickel hydrogen battery ‘NH-14WM' (attachment), AC adaptor ‘AC-MZR55' (attachment), AC100V50/60Hz, the AA type dry battery (optional), and car battery code DCC-E230 (optional)* attachment charge stand.
Battery duration For about 24 hours in the nickel hydrogen charge pond
During about 37 Sony alkali AA (one dry battery) hour
For about 64 hours when you use nickel hydrogen charge pond + Sony alkali AA dry battery together
Charge time For about 3.0 hours (Charge it in the attached charge stand)
Externals size
/maximum and externals sizes
About 79.5×76.7×17.0mm(Width × height × interior taking * maximum projection does not include it).
About 80.5×77.5×20.0mm (width × height × interior taking)
Mass About 110g(Only the main body :)/about 135g(contained charge pond).
Attached goods Headphone (1) with liquid crystal remote control, rechargeable nickel hydrogen battery ‘NH-14WM' (1), charge stand ‘BCA-MZE800' (1), AC adaptor ‘AC-MZR55', dry battery case (1), (*kyaringupohchi*) (1), and (*batteriikyaringukeis*) (1)

- Another sales accessories
Sale schedule standard price 3,000 yen (excluding tax) on rotary commander June 10 for RM-WMC1 on-board

- Inquiry of customer:
Center TEL0570-00-3311 consultation TEL03-5448-3311 of Sony (Inc.)customer (Nabis dial)(inquiry from portable telephone and PHS)

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