Sony MZ-E606W

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Sony MZ-E606Wportable MD player
Intro: 11/2001
open price
OUT: headphones74.5 x 81.0 x 17.7 mm, 78g, 103g w/ batt

Features: Wireless remote control. MDLP playback (SP/LP2/LP4), G-Protection shock memory (up to 160 seconds in LP4 mode), 7 step playback speed control, 8 step bass and treble adjustment, unit recharges in charging cradle, alarm clock function.

Links: Second try for wireless remotes: Terry Park points out a photo and Japanese info for the Sony MZ-E606 portable MD player, with a small, pocketable, wireless remote. ChinaByte has some information on the MZ-E606W.

Specs: 5mW+5mW output. 100V AC adapter.


User Manual: J

Battery Life (SP/LP2/LP4)PlayRecharge
NiMH15/17/20 hr6 hr
AA x 147/54/61 hr
Both63/73/82 hr

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