Sony MZ-E90

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Sony MZ-E90Portable MiniDisc Player
Intro: 10/1999
R90: ¥36,000
out: headphone78.4x13.5x71.5mm

Features: Small size and light weight realized through newly developed optical pickup, Newly developed "One Touch Eject" mechanism makes disc changing easy, World's smallest MD player body (as of Aug 24, 1999), high stiffness magnesium casing, World's longest battery life achieved (as of Aug 24 1999) at about 56 hours, Popular new "Smart Stick Controller" type remote, Three color variations, 40 seconds of long duration shock resistant memory, all standard play modes, AVLS volume limiting system.

Links: Sony's Japanese release announcement for this unit. Sony's Japanese release announcement translated into English. Sony's Tourist model page for the MZ-E90. Michael Petnuch writes a Sony MZ-E90 review. Tom Chmielinski contributes a nice Sony MZ-E90 review, saying the unit's nearly too tiny! Superfi posts zoomable, rotatable scans of this unit. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit. Leo Davidson sends in a good scan of the MZ-E90 English instruction sheet.

Specs: Max output level of 5mW+5mW, AC100V.


User Manual: MZ-E90

Service Manual: MZ-E90

Battery LifePlayRecharge
Ni-MH21 hr1.5 hr
AA x 131 hr
Both56 hr

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