Sony MZ-E60

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Sony MZ-E60Portable MD player
Intro: 2/2000
OUT: headphone81x25x74mm, 95g (135g w/batt & MD)

Features: Pop-open eject. AA drycell based player; no internal recharge function, no external recharger supplied, no external battery case, no DC IN jack. LCD is on remote only and not backlit (remote: RM-MZ2N). Colors: silver, blue.

Lack of remote backlight support: Though the MZ-E60 has a remote port and supports LCD remote functions, it does not support the remote backlight feature. Neither the backlit remote from the MZ-E55 (the RM-MZ55), nor the RM-MZ2S (the backlit version of the MZ-E60's RM-MZ2N) will illuminate their backlight when plugged into the MZ-E60, although in both cases the LCD and functions on the remotes work fine. -Roland M.

Variants: The MZ-E62 is the European version of the MZ-E60, only its color [silver with blue accents] differs.

User comments: I have the MZ-E60 and was surprised to find the model that replaces it, the MZ-E300, to be somewhat inferior: The MZ-E300 has no remote, nor can it accept one (headphone jack does not have the remote connector). The body is completely plastic, unlike that of the E60, which has an aluminum lid. And I'm curious about why Sony decided to limit the memory buffer to 20 secs rather than 40, which is the usual limit on all current Sony MD players and recorders. I doubt this smaller buffer will make any practical difference, but it does point to Sony's effort to "cheap out" on overall quality. The only advantage the E300 seems to have over the E60 is that its stated battery life is almost tripled. -Brett Kaplan

Links: Superfi (UK) has further photos of the unit. The T-Station has further information on this unit. MDLand has multiple angle views of this unit. A user's in-depth MZ-E60 review.


User Manual: MZ-E60

Service Manual: MZ-E60

Battery LifePlay
AA x 112 hr

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