Sony MZ-E3

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Sony MZ-E3portable player
Intro: 3/1995
msrp: $350
out: hdphn, pwr: 4.5V116x19.9x74mm, 168g w/o bat. 265g w/bat

Features: ATRAC 3. Ni-MH (BP-DM20) rechargeable or 2 AA cells (LIP-12 LiIon rechargeable can be used with separately available external case). LCD display on main unit and remote. bass boost.

Tips: As mentioned in the E3 owner's manual, the MZ-E3 is capable of recharging the Ni-MH battery pack, model BP-DM20 ($25 from The Edge electronics in the US). The BP-DM20 will play continuously for 2.5-3 hours, compared to 1.5 hours with NiCads.

Comparison with MZ-E2: The MZ-E2 is smaller than the MZ-E3 unless you use AA drycell batteries. The AA attachment to the E2 is bulky and makes it bigger than the E3. The E2 does not have a built-in LCD, you must use the remote to see what track you are on. The E2 and E3 are almost identical in operation and features.

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User Manual: MZ-E3

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