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Two types of MD Walkmans are now on sale with a newly developed ``Head Loading Mechanism'', allowing discs to be changed easily, without removing the player from one's pocket.

EP-10/11 Photo

MD Walkmans ``MZ-EP11'' (left) / ``MZ-EP10'' (right)

Sony is placing on sale the MZ-EP10 and MZ-EP11 portable MD players (``MD Walkman''), equipped with a newly developed ``Head Loading Mechanism'', allowing discs to be easily ejected and inserted. Since both machines allow discs to be inserted just by pushing them in along the disc guide, and ejected by sliding the eject button, disc changes can be easily accomplished without removing the units from a pocket or handbag. The MZ-EP10 has a ``basic'' design, while in the MZ-EP11 an ``outdoor goods'' [read ``rugged''] image has been adopted.
NameIntro Date PriceColor Initial
Monthly Production
Portable Minidisc Player
``MD Walkman''
5 July 97JPY38,000Silver20,000 units
``MD Walkman''MZ-EP11 5 July 97JPY38,000Silver30,000 units

Starting in 1996, MD has met a period of stable popularity in the domestic market. In monetary terms, the proportion of system stereos equipped with MD reached 50% in 1996 and is forecast to exceed 70% in 1997, therefore, an environment of home recording and editing ability is becoming established and the necessity for portable players is expected to increase. By placing these two MD players in the market, Sony is expanding the selection of available MD players.

The 2 units now being offered come equipped with a newly developed head loading system, allowing disc changes to be performed quickly. By adopting the low power consuming LSI of our current machines, a 1.5V drive system has been realized, and a single AA cell or gum pack shaped rechargable cell can be used. Approximately 5 hours playback on a single AA alkaline cell, or approximately 4 hours on the Nickel Hydride rechargable cell has been made possible.

Sony's portable MD players* have adopted the same 1.5V drive system as the cassette walkman, making them convenient for portable use. * Except for the tuner equipped ``MZ-F40''

Chief features of both units
  1. Vertical type design equipped with a newly developed head loading mechanism
    Equipped with a ``Head Loading Mechanism'' which allows discs to be inserted simply by pushing them into the disc guide located in the upper part of the vertical format body. Because disc removal is accomplished by a mechanism that pops the disc out when the eject button is pushed, discs can be easily and conveniently changed while the unit remains in a pocket or bag.

  2. Driven with a single AA battery through adoption of a low power consuming LSI
    By adopting the low power consuming LSI of the current ``MZ-E30'' and ``MZ-E50'' type machines, a 1.5V drive system has been made possible, and a single AA cell or gum pack shaped rechargeable cell can be used. Sony's current MD players* have adopted a 1.5V drive system, making them easily portable. *except for the FM tuner equipped ``MZ-F40''

  3. Unit accepts either a drycell or gum pack shaped rechargeable.
    Because the body battery compartment has been designed to accept either an AA drycell or a gum packed shaped rechargeable, an external battery case is unnecessary and batteries of either type can be used.

  4. Comes equipped with LCD remote control attached headphones.
    Because the remote control is equipped with an LCD display, the disc name, song name, etc., as well as operating state are readily at hand. (Katakana supported).

  5. Equipped with DC IN Jack
    Because the body has a DC in jack, the separately available car battery cord can be attached and music can be enjoyed even in the car. Indoors, the separately available AC adapter and active speakers can be attached, for further enjoyment.

  6. Other points

Specifications for both machines

ConformanceMiniDisc Digital Audio System
Playback readout systemNon contact optical readout
Channel countStereo 2 channels / Monaural 1 channel
Sampling frequency44.1kHz
Audio compression systemATRAC (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding)
Frequency respose20-20,000Hz+/-3dB
Wow and Flutterbelow measurable limits
Powerrechargeable Nickle Hydride (included), 1 AA cell (included)
External power jack: DC1.5V (AC power adapter sold separately)
Battery lifeRechargeable NiH
Sony AA alkaline
approx 4 hours
approx 5 hours
Battery recharge timeapprox 1 hour (full charge)
Input terminalsDC IN Jack
Output termainslheadphone (stereo minijack)
Outer dimensionsapprox 80 x 18.5 x 104mm (projections included)
WeightMain body only: approx 160g
Pocket weight: approx 200g (pre-recorded disc and rechargeable battery included)
Included accesoriesLCD remote headphones(1), rechargeable NiH cell(1), recharger(1), AA alkaline cell(1), carrying pouch(1), ear attachment(1),
battery carrying case (1)
For further information
Sony Ltd. customer consulation center
Tokyo: 03-5448-3311
Nagoya: 052-232-2611
Osaka: 06- 539-5111

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