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What's Old?

12/30: Planet MiniDisc has a good stock of the brand new Sony MDS-JB940 home MD decks.
Tao Pan finds a German MD user's page describing his efforts to create automatic track marks with Winamp (and a little Visual-C programming) when recording digitally from a computer. (Click on the "MD" link on the left margin.)
Thomas de Bruijn submits instructions, complete with diagrams and pictures, outlining his method of creating a simple and inexpensive optical output from a standard computer CD-ROM drive.
The Mac to MiniDisc Tutorial website managed by Dale Greer gets a facelift, with easier navigation for beginners.
12/28: Another competing portable music player is spotted by Jorge Mata: the Compro PDS-AV portable MP3 player doubles as a portable digital media storage device with the use of a 3.5" drive slot compatible with both regular floppies and 120MB SuperDisks.
Shiv Naimpally finds Best Buy selling a 20-pack of 74min MDs for only $26.20, as well as a 10-pack for $17.20.
12/26: Ed Hor notes that for those of you located in Australia, you can subscribe to Pulse (Sony's half-magazine, half-catalog publication) for free.
Tao Pan discovers a Chinese article on ATRAC that uses several tables from the MDCP outlining differences between ATRAC versions.
12/24: Paul Mercier finds the Axiontech Aureal Vortex2, a low-priced PC sound card with a digital optical output.
Brian Teh notes an official website where Sharp MD accessories may be ordered, however it is only for Canadian orders.
12/21: Amazon.com sells IBM-PC compatible MiniDiscs! Well, not really. Don't get your hopes up, but that's what the (erroneous) description says for a 20-pack of Memorex MiniDiscs Moshe Braner spotted Amazon selling.
Michael Connor creates a Sharp MD-MT15 TOC cloning page, outlining how to get 78-80 minutes on a 74 minute MD.
You can order any Sony electronics accessories (such as remotes, manuals, etc.) direct from Sony through a page found by Irwin.
After a brief vacation, Blankshop (based in the UK) is back and open for business.
12/19: Bryce Lee finds an etown article on Aiwa's new product line up that mentions Aiwa's loss of faith in MiniDiscs. Quoting the article: "Aiwa sees MiniDisc as a sinking ship, and it's bailing on MD entirely."
An interesting patent description is found by Howard Chu on delphion.com, apparently outlining an MD-Data drive with a SCSI interface.
Ecoustics.com has a great MD unit database allowing direct comparisons between different MD units.
An interesting article on Twice.com (spotted by Hardeep) tells how portable MP3 and MD players have outsold CD-R related sales.
Merlin Williams spots a press release on the Canadian Copyright Board's website outlining a new levy being imposed on various recording media, including MiniDisc. Another website further explains the effects of the levy.
12/17: Planet MiniDisc finds a great Sony promotion offering a free MZ-E60 portable MD player for people purchasing an MDX-C800 in-dash car MD recorder.
M. Hoyt spots the USD $49 Chaintech MD Mate sound card which includes an optical input/output module.
Covers4MD.com, an English/French website run by D. A., maintains a growing collection of Microsoft Publisher MD covers for music albums.
MD Tech, a website managed by Glen Wintringham, has a few detailed MD-related essays that cover both microhphone and ATRAC issues.
Shiv Naimpally finds a valuable Amazon.com coupon code that will deduct $50 from an order of $200 in their Electronics department (coupon code: AMZN-ELECTRNC)... you can use this to get a great deal on a portable MD unit; coupon expires Dec 31st.
12/15: optiComp sells several TOSlink-related products, including sound card add-ons and a cable distance enlarger which would let you wire your entire house with optical cabling (what could possibly make a better gift for the holidays?).
Michael finds ITPower.net, an extensive Chinese news page covering the latest in electronics.
Guess what's the number one selling item on etown.com? Why it's the Sharp MD-MS722 of course (spotted by skamd)!
12/14: Mike Harman finds a Radio Shack stereo tie-clip microphone pair (you can plug it directly into your MD unit without the included amplifier).
Minidisco now accepts Paypal payments for orders.
Two more links are discovered by Trevor Bommersbach describing the Sony Memory Stick cell phone/audio player in more detail: A Japanese news page with lots of pictures, and Sony's official page for the phone.
Charles Snider writes an informative review of the $25 AOpen AW744 Pro sound card, which has TOSlink digital output.
12/11: The MiniDisc T-Station has an informative article discussing the battle between MiniDisc, CD, and MP3 audio players.
Planet MiniDisc reports they have a large stock of the brand new Sony MDS-PC3 computer-connectable MD deck available for the holidays.
Have a lot of recording to do in your future? MiniDisco and MiniDisc T Station are running a contest until Dec 15th, giving away 200 MiniDiscs!
12/9: Planet MiniDisc makes it on Time Magazine's Electronics E-Shopping Guide.
A short info page is found on the Sony DHC-NX5MD MD mini system by Richard Humphries (unit has MDLP capability and 4x CD-to-MD recording).
Hardeep Bhogal spots a Japanese Hitachi press release announcing their first MD unit, the AX-F100 MD mini system. (The press release also covers their new portable digital audio player, the HDM-MP1 , which uses Sandisk Multimedia Cards).
Sharp freshens up their USA website, giving lots of information on their current MD portables (thanks to Warner for noticing the new look!).
Mike Reilly kindly sends in a Microsoft Word 2000 MD label template.
12/7: Wow! Trevor Bommersbach discovers a Sony page describing a very impressive new cell phone that not only has a Memory Stick slot in itself, but can record and playback music via analog and digital inputs (!).
Roger's Sony_2k3 MiniDisc website has a good collection of pictures for all the latest Sony portable MD units.
RefurbishedStore.com is found by Angelo La Rocco, offering refurbished electronics at low prices. They have a fairly good selection of portable MD units.
12/5: MiniDiscussion creates a new MiniDisc Chat system on their website (click the link found at the top of their navigational bar).
Michael Conner shares his experience of meddling with his Sharp MD-MT15's EEPROM settings to adjust the bass. (Before trying this, be aware of the risks involved!)
If it's four digit price tag still doesn't scare you away, Paul Clayton finds the Sony DCM-M1 MiniDisCam available from Camera Club for a fairly reasonable USD $1099.99.
MD Planet, a Korean MD info page, appears on the MD scene (created by Taehwan Shim).
12/3: Hyperjack is now offering all of Sony's latest MD portables.
Blas Sotelo finds a Sony Hong Kong webpage promoting MDLP.
Crutchfield is spotted selling the new Sony MDS-PC3 computer-connectable MD deck for $399 (deal found by Misfit).
An English Sharp announcement is discovered by Tugrul that outlines the specs on three of Sharp's latest high-end MD mini systems, all with built-in 1-bit amplifiers and MDLP compatibility.
12/2: Discount Discs (UK) is selling MD-labelling kits and software.
MD-21, a French MD website, gets its own top-level domain name.
James starts his MiniDisc page entitled MDWorld, with links and some MD unit info.
Graham Macdougall kindly sends in the Sony MDS-PC3 manual (PDF) and the Sony M-crew software manual (PDF, used to control other Sony audio components).
Mark Oostdijk finds several Japanese links to some of Kenwood's latest MD car decks.
Michael finds an English page for the Sony MZ-R900 tourist model.
11/28: Kheops MiniDisc is sadly closing shop, and is selling off their remaining stock at very low prices.
N5MD, a MiniDisc-only recording label specializing in experimental electronic music, establishes a slick website for itself.
A Sharp press release is found for the MD-ST77 portable MD player by Michael and T.
Gary White shares his method of using MiniDisc to transcribe songs to sheet music.
Future Shop, the Canadian equivalent to Best Buy in the United States, offers a few MD portables.
A CNET.com article, spotted by Jean Stackpole, discusses MP3s and mentions MiniDisc as a still-viable alternative.
11/26: Marcus Oostdijk spies a slick Japanese page for Kenwood's new super-thin CD/MD boombox, the Rampage G7 (it's speakers unfold from the body!).
MD Portal, a Singapore-based online MD vendor, is selling the Sony MZ-R900 for $299 with a full warranty offer.
11/22: Matthew Fellows shares his tip of using a wireless keyboard with MD decks.
ETronics.com is selling a Sony analog USB PC-to-MD link kit for $30 (spotted by Jason Riley).
Minidisco is running a contest giveaway for a brand new Sony MZ-R900 (ends Dec 15th).
The MiniDisc T-Station adds the Sharp MD-ST77 portable MD player to their website.
11/19: Ian Brown discovers Warehouse123.com selling MD, CD, DVD, and MP3 portable players at exceptionally low prices. Update: Buyer beware! several people question this vendor's authenticity.
Aiwa releases another MD boombox, the CSD-MD77 (Japanese page spotted by Michael).
Arne Striegler finds idealo.com, a German electronics website which has a search for the best MiniDisc prices (only lists German online dealers).
LetsBuyIt.com (UK) offers some MD portable units for low prices through group buying (the process used by Mercata and other bulk-order websites). Thanks to Tim Hodson for finding this site.
11/18: Beyond Hifi almost breaks the $1 per 74min disc price barrier, offering 74min discs for USD $1.03 each. They also claim the lowest price for 80min discs at $1.39 each.
Robin Landy spots Intersaver, a UK supplier of electronics, offering two new MiniDisc mini systems, the Sanyo SYS-X5CM and Sanyo SYS-X5CTM (the latter including a cassette deck).
The Aiwa XR-MD310 MD mini system's press release is spotted by Michael.
T's MiniDisc Comparison Table page spots the Japanese press release for Kenwood's new DMC-M55 portable MD player (T has also added this unit into his site).
11/15: Peter Ravn finds a page outlining the new Aiwa XR-MD520 MD mini system.
Japan Direct offers the new Sharp MD-MT77 portable for USD $399.
For those of you looking for inexpensive portable CD players with digital output capability, check out the Sony CDP-DE561 going for USD $69 at 800.com (available in silver and in blue, deal spotted by Paul Kerl).
Improvius' House of MiniDisc website gets a Buy/Sell MiniDisc board system up and running.
Jesus Perez shares his experiences of recording to MiniDisc digitally with a Sony Playstation 2 (click the "Update" link at the top of the page).
11/12: PriceGrabber.com shows the Sony MZ-R70 ranking 5th in the most popular searches for electronic products (spotted by John Salomone).
11/9: The stylish Sony MZ-E500 portable MD player debuts in a Japanese press release found by Peter Ravn (MDLP, 75h playback time w/ NiMH + AAx1, Treble/Bass adjust, 160 seconds (!) shock protection). Peter also finds a press release for the Sony ZS-M37 CD/MD boombox.
Dominik Zumstein finds another Japanese page by Sharp that has more information and photos of the MD-MT77 portable MD recorder that was recently released.
The December 2000 issue of PC World includes a "Gift Guide" recommending a Sony MZ-R70PC for the upcoming holiday season (article scanned in by Tim Banney).
Planet MiniDisc offers a free PC-to-MD Link kit when you purchase a Sony home MD player.
11/7: Bryan Mo finds the Japanese MD Convenience Station, which has lots of information on new portable MD units.
Music Dish has an article, found by Mike Lambert, that covers some creative uses of the Voquette Netlink.
Sanyo comes out with the PH-MD9, a new MD boombox, outlined in this Japanese press release found by Michael.
11/6: MiniDisc T-Station posts info on the Sony MZ-E700 and Panasonic SJ-MJ88 portable MD players.
CDPlus.com, an online Canadian music dealer, has a large collection of pre-recorded MiniDiscs (found by Mykel).
In the search for 80-minute blank MDs that break the $1.50 price barrier, Mick Burke spots them for $1.39 each at Cassette House (when buying a 5-pack). Deal ends Nov 9th.
Improvius gets his MiniDisc website up and running, which includes an excellent MiniDisc web pricing board.
11/2: Hot Deal! Kenan Atli spots the Audiophase MDP1 portable MD player for only $49 from BestBuy.com, with free shipping!
Yet again, Michael is the first to spot a brand new unit: The Kenwood DMC-M7R portable MD recorder, as described in this Japanese Kenwood press release, MDLP capable, active microphone recording (records only when audio is heard), JPY¥46,000.
Two new Sony MD mini systems are spotted by Blas Sotelo: the DHC-MD595 and the DHC-VZ50MD.
Simon Gardner kindly scans in the entire Sony MDX-C6500R manual.
A grumbling article found on ZDNet by Rei talks about Sony fumbling the ball with MiniDisc.
Core Sound introduces new low cost binaural microphone and stealth cardioid microphone sets, aimed primarily for MiniDisc use.
eCoustics.com offers price comparison and side-by-side model comparison for MiniDisc units.
10/30: Hot new find! Michael discovers a Japanese Sharp press release for their new portable recording MD unit, the MD-MT77 (currently smallest in the world, MDLP-capable, USB connectable, flashy multicolored LED lights built in). T's MD Comparison page already has this unit added to their site.
MiniDisc World (in Korean) posts some photos of the Panasonic MR200 portable MD recorder.
The T-Station posts information on the Kenwood BR-2001 MD bookshelf system and the IT-2001 MD bookshelf system.
10/27: New MD units found: Michael spies the Sharp MD-F120/150 models on a Sharp Japanese press release (F150 additionally has cassette and MDLP capability).
Atomic Sounds (UK) offers a selection of prerecorded MDs (dealer spotted by Blas Sotelo).
I stand corrected... An even lower price has been spotted for the JVC XU-301MD CD/MD deck at J&R for USD$199. (Thanks to Mike DeLuca, Gary Binger, and David West for catching this!)
My-MiniDisc (Germany) opens its doors, selling a variety of MD gear and digital accessories.
Total Audio Solutions (UK) has detailed specs on the Sony MDS-E12 Professional rack-mountable MD deck, including a PDF manual for the unit.
Studio 1 Productions sells the XLR-Pro audio input module, allowing you to connect XLR microphones to your MiniDisc recorder (spotted by Rod Verette).
10/25: MiniDiscussion has 8 new "Resident Expert" message boards, each specializing with a specific MD topic (such as MD and PC connections, choosing an MD portable, and MD live recording tips).
Minimaniax (in German) has info on the Sharp MD-MT866.
American Musical Supply has the JVC XU-301BK CD/MD deck in stock for USD$249 (deal spotted by Simon Pontin).
10/24: Paul Collins adds reader feedback comments to his website covering his archiving of records and tapes to MD.
Disappointed over his experiences with Sony car MD units, Massimo Basile writes a letter to Sony.
Japanese pages are found by Blas Sotelo for the Panasonic SJ-MJ33 portable MD player and the JVC/Victor XM-PX50 and XM-PX70 (the X70 being the world's lightest MD player at 57g, with 100 hours playback time).
Calum Tsang discovers two pieces of MD history in a September 1993 issue of Popular Science: mentionings of a MD unit being installed in Ford Mustangs, and a Sony MZ-1 advertisement. <-- DONE KRB -->
If you want digital output with your Sound Blaster Live! soundcard, look no further than Danny Haak's informative Digital Connexxion SBLive! website.
MDWorld (in Korean) posts several photos comparing Aiwa's AM-F80, Sony's MZ-R900, and Sharp's MD-MT831.
10/22: Based out of Singapore, MD Portal offers deals for MD portables and accessories for shipment worldwide.
Several new units are found: the JVC XM-PX50/70 portable MD players (pictures supplied by Dion Longworth), the Aiwa MR-P1 MD boombox (Japanese press release spotted by Michael), and the Kenwood MDX-KT302 Hello Kitty MD boombox (Japanese press release spotted by Michael).
Majiloon discovers Amerinet Electronics, an online MD supplier which actually still stocks the older, but very popular Sony MZ-R50 for USD$250 (USA only). Update: Amerinet has said that they no longer offer the MZ-R50.
Juan Chaparral found MiniDiscs are very useful as scanner-radio recorders due to them stopping recording when no audio signal is detected.
10/21: Jesus Perez releases RockSteady, a Winamp normalization plug-in useful for adjusting levels when recording from your computer to MD.
Several Japanese info pages of various TDK MD discs are found by Blas Sotelo, including 74min discs, MD head cleaners, and a stylish assortment of 80min discs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
A Japanese product info page is spotted by Michael for the new Aiwa CSD-MD15 MD boombox (CD, MD, and cassette, 2x CD-to-MD recording capable).
Bill Noyce kindly scans in the entire Sony MZ-E2 manual.
10/17: Kheops MiniDisc offers 80-min MD blanks for $2 per disc (after using one of these coupons: 1 2 3), USA only.
Some of Sony's latest solid-state audio walkmans are spotted by Peter Ravn at this Japanese Sony webpage.
Michael finds a Kenwood press release on their latest mini-system, the Avino SH-7CDR (MDLP capable, CD, CD-RW, and MD drives).
VideoDirect.com offers a deal to get a free PC to MD Link kit when purchasing an MD unit.
Mervyn finds an inexpensive way to cleanly get multimedia inputs and outputs to the front of your computer using a FrontX port.
10/14: Cassettehouse.com takes the lead with the lowest price for 80-min MDs in the USA, at $2.05 per disc.
An English page is spotted by Blas Sotelo outlining Sony's DHC-NX5MD mini system with 2x CD to MD dubbing.
A user finds a Japanese page for Panasonic's SC-PM30MD CD/MD/cassette mini system.
Keep up with MiniDisc news in Malaysia with MiniDiscNews.com, found by Soo Kah Kiong.
10/12: Michael points out the new stylish Kenwood DMC-M33 portable MD player on a Japanese Kenwood press release page (63 hours playback on AAx1 and NiMH, 15.7mm thick(!), 111g w/ batt).
Zapmedia releases a truly versatile piece of electronics: the ZapStation is a home audio/video unit capable of playing CDs, DVDs, MP3s and MPEG videos. Thanks to Peter Ravn for finding this!
Minidisco has the best deal going for 80-min MD blanks at USD$2.09 per disc.
A Japanese Sony page is found by Blas Sotelo for the MDX-G55MK2 in-dash car MD player (MDLP-compatible, 70,000 yen).
Blas also finds a Korean page explaining what MDLP is.
10/11: John Chiu finds a rock-bottom price of USD$335 for the Sony MZ-R900 at the David Console Shop.
Tjie Tsang finds a truly unique MD recorder case that fits his Sharp MD-MT831 perfectly... a rugged belt-worn case for handcuffs (bought at Central Sports in Toronto, CA)!
Dion Longworth runs a page dedicated to the latest JVC electronics, including MD equipment.
Gerrit Dijkstra contributes a "favicon" for our use, it should appear next to your bookmark for this site if you're using Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.
Aiwa releases a CD player capable of playing an MP3-filled CD, as described in this Japanese electronics news page found by Trevor Bommersbach.
10/9: Ary Marcoschamer spots a hot deal at J&R Music World, where they're selling the JVC XMP-55 portable MD player for USD$99.
FelsWeb offers the Sony MZ-R900 and Sharp MD-MT66 portable MD recorders for USD$358 and USD$338 respectively.
Arne Striegler spots German MD vendor MiniManiax selling a pack of 80min MDs for 3,12 DM (USD$1.39) per disc until November 1st.
Pareen Gandecha used his MD unit to record several bands live in Manchester (UK), you can listen to his results at the Love Garage website.
Robby describes his use of MiniDiscs to record polar orbiting weather satellites.
AV-Land (UK), having recently merged with MD-Land, has added new specs and information for the Sony MDS-PC3 computer-connectable MD deck, Panasonic SJ-MR200 portable MD recorder, and the Sony MDS-LSA1 PC Linkup IISSA MD recorder.
Oleman adds pictures of the red Sony MZ-R900 portable MD recorder to his MD website, MiniDisc Land.
10/8: MiniDiscussion is looking for people interested in running MiniDisc message boards that deal with a topic they're experienced in.
Jesus Perez makes a website covering analog MP3 to MiniDisc transfers.
10/7: Lysine spots a Sony Japanese page on the Vaio PCV-MX3GK computer which has a built-in MiniDisc audio drive (the computer functions as a regular stereo even if the OS is not started).
T's MD Comparison Table pages add Sony MZ-E700 photos and specs.
MDnara.com, a Korean MD vendor, posts several detailed shots of the Sony MDS-S50.
Jean-Fran�ois Vincent continues to update his French MD page with new photos and unit descriptions.
Todd Lynch tells of his trick to record digitally from his computer to MD without having a digital output-capable sound card.
Planet MiniDisc now offers several of Sony's newest MD decks and mini systems, including the MXD-D5C 5-CD, 4x-speed MD recording deck.
10/3: Peter Ravn finds a Swiss German Sony page for all the latest Sony MD units.
Jacob Alifrangis comes across a Japanese Sony page outlining the color CLIE PDA unit, which assumedly has MP3-playing capabilities via its Memory Stick slot.
Both Dale Greer and Edward Chadez note MacNN's follow-up to their original article, setting the record straight that the Sony MZ-R70DPC is indeed Mac compatible.
10/2: Steve Jess sends in a scan of a Sony flyer which has short descriptions for the MDS-E10, MDS-E12, and MZ-B50.
Beno�t finds a link to Sharp Europe's MD model listing page (scroll down to find the MiniDisc section).
Blas Sotelo finds Sony Japanese pages for the MDS-DL1 mini deck (English machine translation; i-LINK compatible, 59,000 yen) and the KB-10 titling keyboard (English machine translation; for use with CMT-PX5 / PX5LTD / PX7 and MDS-JB940 / JB930 / JE640 / JE630 models, 6,000 yen).
RL spots a detailed comparison review between the Sharp MD-MT66 and Sony MZ-R900.
10/1: The Sony MZ-B50 is spotted on a Japanese electronics page (English translation) with help from Steve Jess. Two new pro-MD units were also found on Sony's Japan website: The MDS-E10 and MDS-E12.
Two new manual scans are sent in: the Sony MZ-R900 user manual (PDF, English portions only) by Marc Wielage, and the Sony MJ-L1 user manual (PDF) by Matt Cervi.
9/30: Aaron finds a link to Pause Between Songs, a Winamp plug-in that will help people record their MP3's to MD.
Sony has a new MD mini-system on the market: the DHC-ZX50MD (5 CD, 1 MD, high-speed CD to MD dubbing). James discovers that Crutchfield is selling the unit for $500 USD.
Alexander Wong spots the Sharp MD-MT866 on a Sharp Korean website. (This unit is supposedly identical to the Sharp MD-MT66 with the added capability of titling with Korean characters.)
Gary Binger notes Iomega's new product that enters the MP3 player scene: the HitZip player, utilizing PocketZip disks (previously known as Clik! discs). Having to pay $10 a disc for only 40MB of music (about 9 songs) sure makes MiniDisc sound like a great alternative!
9/27: Taufik Saputera finds a deal: Mercata.com is selling Sony MZ-R37SP units for $107.00 USD each (that's the price for new Mercata users, regular price $127).
Simon Gardner finds that Amazon UK stocks a fairly extensive pre-recorded MiniDisc selection (search for "minidisc" in the Music category of the site).
Paul Collins has a webpage describing his efforts to transfer over 8,000 titles of ethnic dance music from various audio formats to MiniDisc.
The MiniDisc T-Station joins up with Hyper Jack to offer for sale all the MD units listed on the T-Station website.
Dale Greer sets the record straight by writing to the author of the recently mentioned MacNN article discussing Sony's "apparent lack of support" for Macintosh in PC/MD interfacing.
9/24: Peter Ravn finds Feltech, a reasonably priced UK MD dealer.
Ned Luce scans in a Sony MDS-JA333ES flyer (page1, page2).
Art Simon writes a review of the Sharp MD-C2 mini system.
9/22: Aiwa has a press release for their new CSD-MD25 CD/MD/Cassette boombox.
Peter Ravn finds Sony's press release for their new MDS-JA333ES (machine translation) MD deck (MDLP compatible, computer connectable).
Ken Li and Robert Kunkle find another Sony press release, this one announcing the MZ-R70DPC which can directly digitally connect to a PC for audio transfers.
Jeff Kwan discovers a downbeat MacNN article upset at Sony's apparent lack of interest of Macintosh support for the MZ-R70DPC (note however that the unit will be "unofficially supported" through 3rd party drivers).
9/21: A Home Recording Magazine article on MiniDiscs (October 2000 issue) mentions both MiniDisc.org and MiniDiscussion.com.
9/20: MDnara.com, a Korean MD vendor, has dozens of detailed shots of the Sony MZ-E900.
Michael finds a Japanese page for Sony's wild-colored, four-speaker ZS-M30 boombox.
Dave Law creates a Microsoft Word MD label template that fits 18 MD labels on one page (this is especially useful when printed on a page of full sheet sticker paper).
We conduct an interview with Martin Stephenson, who released a CD album recorded with a Sony MZ-R70.
9/19: Japan-Direct posts detailed shots of both the Sony MZ-R900 and MZ-E900.
Petey has a MiniDisc website that concentrates on pre-recorded MDs and MD label templates.
Ed finds us asleep at the wheel and turns up a load of new Pioneer car MD units. MD recording capable: FH-P99MDR, FH-P77MDR (1) (2). Double-DIN players: FH-P55MD, FH-P88MD, MEH-P9900. Single-DIN players: MEH-P9000CD, MEH-P7700.
Steven Tellman at 3D Audio Immersion gives a review of the Xitel MD-Port DG1 (a USB to digital output device).
9/18:Brian Youn writes a wonderful, exquisitely detailed review of the Sony MZ-R900.
Peter Ravn spots the English page for Aiwa's AM-HX70 MD player.
9/17: Eric Whitney takes the MDCP's editorial reins for 3 months. As ever, Minidisc related sightings, reviews, tips and comments sent to [email protected] are welcome!
We start an MD newbie FAQ.
Eric Feinstein finds MD useful for transcribing music.
Sam Brown notes that two MD units can be used as a Poor Man's Multitrack recorder.
9/16: Laszlo Lieszkovszky describes how he installed an auxiliary input into his car stereo to connect his portable MD unit.
Taeyong Shim creates the MDWorld MiniDisc page (in Korean), which covers a variety of MD topics.
Kelvin writes an in-depth MZ-E60 review.
Trent Nelson has put together some multimedia slideshows which use audio recorded with a Sony MZ-R90.
Craig Simons discovers the LifeView CatchSound, a USB to TOSlink audio adapter.
BuyItOnline/KheopsMiniDisc has 1 2 3 "$10 off a $30 order" coupons.
9/14: Bjoern spots a computer-connectable infrared MD titler (scroll down in page for English description) offered by ue-consult, a German electronics company.
T's tables has photos from recent MD brochures for the Sony MZ-R900, MZ-E900, and MDS-PC3, and Sharp MD-MT66 units.
Tao Pan finds an EETimes article covering the SoundsGood MP3 module add-on for the Handspring Visor. It is also usable as a standalone portable digital audio player.
9/11: Get em while they're hot! Zach Zartel finds Mercata.com is offering a 20% discount to new customers, letting you get a Sony MZ-R37 for around $126 plus shipping (deal is good only for those who register by September 15th). Search for "minidisc" for all their MD deals.
9/10: Thank You Sony! End-Search can be permanently automated on the MZ-R900. Japan-Direct posts MZ-R900 closeups and quotes from its user manual as follows: ``How to Set Rec-Posi: If you wish to avoid overwriting the currrent contents of an MD, do the following procedure. All new material will then be recorded from the end of the current contents. 1) While the recorder is stopped, press the jog lever, flip the lever repeatedly until "Rec-Posi" flashes in the display, and then press the lever again. 2) Flip the jog lever repeatedly until the "From End" flashes in the display and then press the lever.'' The Japanese section of the manual notes that these settings are retained even if the power is cut (oddly, the English section of the manual incorrectly translates this point). Overwrite recording is done by first positioning with Play-Pause at the overwrite point.
Pareen Gandecha kindly scans the Denon DMD-1000 user operation manual.
Kheops shows off the CaseLogic 12 and 24 MD totes, in fall fashion colors.
9/9:Max Waterman points out portable MD equipment reviews by model at Epinions.com.
9/8:Michael Stouffs notes a review of the Casio WMP-1V wrist watch MP3 player.
Francisco J. Montilla finds MD blanks made by Intenso GMBH. Spotting them in Spanish shops, he reports that they feel more rugged, with a better quality finish, than MPO blanks.
1 2 3 more coupons for blanks at ~$1 each from BuyItOnline/KheopsMinidisc.
9/7:Did you know Sony has their own MiniDisc troubleshooting FAQ? The trouble is, it is woefully misinformed in places, to wit: When recording to Mini Disc (MD), the recorder saves all of the audio data to memory. The newly recorded audio data is not written to the MD until the disc is ejected or the player is powered off. Will somebody at Sony Technical please straighten them out?
Scott Adams finds the Panasonic SJ-MR200 MD recorder available at Minidisco.
9/6:Jean-Francois Vincent has made a substantial French Minidisc page.
Audio Heat features an alternate formatting of the MD FAQ.
9/5:Peter Ravn finds the Sanyo MDC3100F boombox at Brinkmann (Germany) for DM 400 (~US$180). The unit has selectable Eur/US/JP AC power and FM bands.
9/4:Alain Brenzikofer describes a simple circuit for digital format conversion.
Cheng Jin spots "David Console Shop" (Hong Kong), offering low prices on MD players and recorders.
More coupons for 95 cent blanks (pay for your discs with somone's venture capital!): Kheops Minidisc notes a dozen coupons for $10-$15 off orders >$25 (a 10 pack plus 1 bonus disc costs $25.50)
9/2:Robert spots Aiwa's Japanese page and photos for the AM-HX70 (the MD player recently reviewed by Josh Pelland), it's specs are also now in T's tables.
9/1:Nicolas Rose-Hirchenhan kindly scans the entire Sony MDS-JB940 user manual. The SF Edit and Keyboard Control sections make interesting reading.
Lai Lai notes Sony's modern MD Walkman page (Linux users' entry point). The site's animated front page is also worth a visit.
8/31: Trevor Bommersbach finds PC Watch photos and Japanese info for the Sony MDS-PC3 (machine translation). The MDLP capable unit uses the USB based PCLK-MN10 connection kit for PC to MD digital audio transfer and control.
The $1 blank: a $15 off coupon for orders of >$25 at BuyitOnline/Kheops Minidisc fetches 15 red + 1 bonus HiSpace blank for $1.03 each (incl. shipping). An older $10 off coupon can still be used, but not in combination. Only one coupon per order.
8/30:Care to try your hand at graphic designs for blanks? T-station points out TDK Europe's MD package design contest, and Beyond HiFi has good photos of TDK's latest Ministry Girotondo and Bow wow designer blanks.
Cassette House pens a beginners guide to MiniDisc that even covers the multi-track recording gear.
We forget to pay our Domain Name fees (doh!), though we can still be reached at until the DNS reinstatement propagates the web (24-48 hours).
8/29:Back to the roots: The 1993 Sony MZ-1 User Manual arrives.
Dan Bruner creates a MiniDisc Graphics page of MD graphics and logos (Caution: slippery legal ice -- you'll notice our "Community" version of the MD logo has been dropped).
Starmount (UK) offers Samsung, HiSpace and Sony blanks.
8/28:Paul Harris finds a clear shot of Denon's DMD-M10 mini-component deck, intended to couple with their D-M3 and D-M5 personal stereo systems.
Froderick finds MiniDisc handy in the drama theater.
Calum Tsang spots a Busker using Minidisc.
Allon Bar points out Dutch coverage of recent Sony decks at MiniDiscWorld.nl.
Jeremy recommends using the freeware MPLAY Multimedia Player for recording MP3 (and most other audio formats) to MD on a Macintosh. It offers user settable inter-track delay and cross-fade times.
8/26:Colin Walker reviews the Onkyo FR-435 CD/MD receiver.
Nick Riley and Kevin Turner point out Crutchfield's Sony MDS-JB940 page, which includes a clear photo of the unit.
Crutchfield is also listing the Sony MDS-JE440, oddly their enlarged MDS-JE440 photo is different than the MDS-JE440 photo from Superfi (UK)
Ecoustics has sortable price comparison pages for MD decks, Mini-systems, and portables. Merchants can enroll and list equipment or update prices for free, though a sliding (5%-1.25%) transaction fee is charged per sale. Further details for buyers are available.
Use this coupon for $10 off a >$25 order at BuyitOnline/Kheops Minidisc and get 15+1 red HiSpace blanks for $1.34/ea. (incl. shipping).
Peter Ravn points out photos and Japanese info for Sony's NW-E3 Memory Stick Walkman, the page includes some good photos of the unit.
Peter also notices that Sony still produces 60' blanks, and has a page covering Sony's line of MD blanks. The 650MB ``MD View'' blank for the MD Camcorder has its own page. So does Sony's MD-Link cable, used for connecting portable Sony MD players to MD-Link bookshelf systems to provide MD name copy and track marking during analog MD->MD copying.
8/25:A friend points out photos and Japanese info for Sharp's portable MD-MT66 recorder (auto translation) and MD-ST66 player (auto translation). Sadly, MDLP mode support appears absent on both units.
Peter Ravn finds a What Hi-Fi article (Navigator version) and Sony press release on LISSA, Sony's HiFi system incorporating the MDS-LSA1 MD deck and using i.Link (aka IEEE 1394/Firewire) to provide audio and control interconnection between components.
Peter also notes Sony's double density CD-ROM/RW announcement.
Timothy Stockman points out coverage of the technical aspects CD-DA ripping as well as general CD, CD-ROM, MD and DVD info in a Sony DADC handbook.
Jansen finds the Fujitsu i-series Notebook computer, equipped with S/PDIF optical output for direct MD transfers.
8/24: Josh Pelland creates a clear review of Aiwa's AM-HX70 MD player. The unit features a unique "sentence repeat" function that finds and replays an audio segment bounded by silence, handy for language learning and memorization tasks.
Chris Carfagno points out the beginning of a Home Recording magazine article on MiniDisc recording.
Randy Phillips points out the September Monitoring Times magazine summary of their article on MiniDisc as tool for shortwave hobbyists.
Dominic points out a cool Boblbee MD case.
8/22:DJMixTapes.com offers Techno, House, Trance, and Drum & Bass Dj mixes for sale on Minidisc.
8/21:Markus Wahl gives us a first look at the MDS-JB940.
Repair Q&A #8 with David Popovits.
Further questions to David should be taken up on the Repair Q&A Message Board, kindly hosted by Eric Whitney at MiniDiscussion.
Gregory Chan forwards Sony's free PC-Link offer, available when purchasing modern Sony MD decks.
Peter Ravn points out photos and Japanese info for Sony's MC-HP1 & MC-PW11 ``Vaio Music Clip'' players (machine translation), the former is a headphone unit only, the latter is arm-band mounted and weather and water resistant. Interestingly, the units handle both ATRAC3 and MP3 coded audio. Battery life AAx1: MC-HP1: ~6hr, MC-PW11: ~5hr.
Puwa-ris has translated the MDLP FAQ to Japanese.
8/20:Gregory Chan finds the Sony PC Link (aka Xitel MDPort-AN1) available separately from Electronics E-Mall for $38 w/shipping. He reports it works fine on Macs with third party USB cards after downloading Apple's USB 1.4.6a1 DDK and installing the included drivers (It works on Macs with OS 9.0.4 and built-in USB ports fine as is and doesn't need the drivers). And for convenient Macintosh MP3 to MD recording he recommends PlayQT, an AppleScript controller for QuickTime Player that automatically adds pauses between songs to facilitate trackmarking.
8/19:Leon finds a Japanese shop with brochure images of Sony's newly announced MD portables, including the MZ-E700 MDLP player.
Jonathan Irwin investigates the Sony MD deck Monaural Mode Error.
Repair Q&A #7 with David Popovits.
Dave Hooper points out Sharp's pdf MD-MT831 user manual (local copy).
8/18:MDLand has e-tailer pages for the MZ-R900 & MZ-E900.
Howard Chui finishes telling why he switched from MD to MP3.
8/17:First MDLP portable recorder: Adam Turner spots photos and Japanese info for the Sony MZ-R900 & MZ-E900 MDLP portables (machine translation), both with record breaking battery life. The MZ-E900 is also the thinnest and lightest in the world and can play in LP4 mode for 100 hours (NiMH+AA). Both units offer a unique "disc based settings" feature that remembers program play, treble & bass, repeat mode, playback speed (80-110%), and volume settings for up to 20 discs within the unit. Shock proof memory cap. LP4: 160s, LP2&mono: 80s, SP: 40s. Unit's END SEARCH functionality yet to be reported.
T's recorder and player tables list the new Sony MDLP portables.
Linus Sweers tests and reviews the Behringer SRC2000, a veritable Digital Audio Swiss Army Knife.
8/16:The FAQ gets an entry for Scale Factor Edit, a feature unique to MD that is found on Sony's latest decks.
Peter Ravn finds e-tailer pages for the Sony MDS-JE640 and MDS-JB940 at MDland.co.uk (local, faster copies of their (somewhat fuzzy) JE640 and JB940 photos).
E.J. Dyksen spots an inexpensive, $12 Caselogic Minidisc player pouch.
Dave Hooper briefly explains how to enter service mode on a Sharp MD-MT831. You'd be wise to have a service manual nearby once you arrive.
Sadly, EasyTitle 2 (an adapter for using normal PS/2 keyboards for titling) has gone out of production. DIY plans for the earlier EasyTitle 1 are still available however. (They invite manufacturers who may be interested in producing the device to contact them).
8/15:Repair Q&A #6 with David Popovits.
The machine translation of Sony's CMT-PX3,5&7 announcement indicates the PX7 can dub 3 CDs to 3 MDs with a single button push. In playback, the 3 MD changer can seemlessly deliver 16 hours of LP4 mode stereo audio.
Howard Chui has a nice set of JVC XM-R70 photos.
Glen Wintringham spots Sharp MD-MT50 variants in New Zealand: the MD-SR50W (no remote), and the MD-SR70W (slight case variation, w/remote and headphones, of a sort).
A reader finds good prices on Hi-Space MD blanks at MusicMixers.com. They also offer sales in bulk (ca. ~USD170/100 pieces, incl. shipping). Email them for details.
Pascal Charbonneau finds Midiman's DiO 2448 soundcard page, the unit offers full optical and coax I/O for about US$150. (Yih-Chun Hu finds it for $100 from Zzounds.com.)
Jim Lee points out Tamrac Cases, offering a dizzying variety of carrying pouches, many quite suited for on the go MD wear.
8/14:Mikhail Grigoriev finds Panasonic's photos and Japanese page for their SJ-MR200 portable recorder. Jong Leong reports that the "Smart Operation Pad" just provides soft-touch buttonpads for the usual portable MD button functions.
Repair Q&A #5 with David Popovits.
Xitel reports an operational problem between the MDPort-DG1 and Sharp portables.
Aaron's MD Specials page points out Amerinet selling the MZ-R50 for $250 new.
8/13:MD competition? Ilwoong Pyo points out the MET 8cm CD/MP3 player, though not tiny (98x93x23mm), nor particuarly long playing (4 hours battery life) it does offer 3-6 hours of MP3 audio capacity on cheap mini-CD media. (No price or production info given, unit is not a recorder).
Blast from the past: The Korean MD page adds snapshots with (huge) closeups of the old (ca. 1995) Sony MZ-R3 and Aiwa AM-F3 portable recorders.
Pining for an MZ-R50? Erwin Lee points out that they're still available new from Vocalinks for US$380 (!). Ebay has several as well, at more reasonable prices.
8/12:Feeling overwhelmed by the 30-60 min. audio capacity of today's solid state players? Fabian La Maestra points out HitClips MicroMusic, a product for pre-teens that stores a single minute of audio on a chip.
8/11:Repair Q&A #4 from David Popovits, in which he examines what makes the MZ-R50 a gem.
8/10:Crish Mariathas forwards a photo from Josh Pelland (who's ordering the unit from Audiodirect) of Aiwa's AM-HX70 player, with 67 hour battery life (NiMH+AAx1(?)).
Core-Sound now offers Jecklin and Schneider foam discs (along with an interesting technical note covering them) for making more lifelike stereo recordings by modeling the human head-transfer-function. Sticker-shock warning: the prices appear to have foam in them as well.
8/9:The Korean MD page posts a bevy of Panasonic SJ-MR200 snapshots, including a touch-panel closeup shot. Anyone knowing how well the touch panel really works is invited to report in.
Sony gives a polite and, ultimately hopeful reply to the End Search petition. Thank you all again for your help!
Stefan Zimmer has MD-Cover software for Deja MD Cover.
Minidisco has a garage sale page.
8/8:Glen Wintringham points out Japanese announcements for Onkyo's MD LP Intec 155 and FR-S77/V77 bookshelf systems. He also finds English PDF manuals for the Onkyo MD-2321 and MD-185X decks.
In the machine translation of Sony's MXD-D5C announcement, they note that CD->MDLP dubbing runs at 2X (vs. 4X for normal CD->MD dubbing) and that Type-R mode (for ``Recursive''?) is not available in LP mode or when high-speed dubbing.
Zarlingo, Ho and Davich (sounds like a few lawyers!) point out that Target (a US, mass market discount retailer) is now carrying MD gear (Sony MZ-R70PC) and Memorex blanks.
Planet Minidisc notes that they too carry the Xitel MDPort-DG1 USB to TOSlink audio adapter.
F. Reitano finds a further MinidiscNow footnote. If you've lost money with them, now's the time to make contact about receiving a refund (do "cc" the FTC).
8/5:We have the beginnings of an MD LP mode FAQ.
Tim Banney notes that Xitel's MDPort-DG1 USB to Digital converter is available from Minidisco.
More Repair Q&A with readers from David Popovits.
Brand name CD/MP3: Ramon de la Fuente points out MP3.com's review of the Philips Expanium portable CD/MP3 player.
Peter Gloviczki points out Statman Electronics, carrying several pieces of MD equipment.
Per Hoffmann finds Midiman's CO3 format converter page.
8/3:Andrew Stafford kindly scans in the entire Sony MZ-R70 user manual.
Robert Schwartz finds Sharp's pdf format MD-MT831 user operation manual (Sharp page).
Jill Carter recommends using MD for preparing cassette mixes.
Karsten gives a tip for undoing the effects of Sharp's service mode.
Trucki submits a QBasic titling program for Sharp portables.
8/1:Mark Bausch spots the Nomad Jukebox portable player. The $400, 6GB hard drive based unit handles both MP3 and Windows Media format audio.
Bryan Hansen gives careful plans for a Sharp MD-MS702 external battery pack.
Mark Bausch points out our oversight: The Aiwa AM-C80 on Ebyweb is apparently an AA dry-cell powered variant of the Aiwa AM-F80.
Jeff LaPort has made postscript edge label files for various brand blanks.
Kheops Minidisc offers MD racks that couple together (1+1=3).
7/31:David Popovits tackles further repair questions from readers.
7/30:David Popovits addresses several repair questions from readers.
Attachai Ueranantasun finds dStore Music (Australia) selling pre-recorded MDs.
7/29:Keith Bauer spots the Aiwa AM-C80 portable recorder (AM-F80 w/car-use kit) for $230 (w/shipping) at Ebyweb.
7/28:Edward Chadez finds further Blaupunkt ``Dallas'' details: their US page and a user operation manual (pdf).
In-Car Express (UK) offers in-dash MD tuners and changers.
7/27:Robert Lindemann finds Blaupunkt's English Dallas RMD 169 car MD player page, which includes a brief report from autohifi magazine.
Beyond HiFi is offering TDK blanks for about GBP 1 each.
Carter reports a MinidiscNow footnote. Francesca follows up with the full FTC press release.
Dan Gross finds Digitmall.com (Hong Kong), selling portable MD gear.
7/26:Aaron points out Intl-Connection.com (Japan HQ, US warehouse), selling MD portables, accessories and blanks.
Brian Bukantis and Ralph Peteranderl spot reports of success with the Sony USB connection kit on a Macintosh.
Jansen notes the Pioneer IS21MD bookshelf system is available at Globe-Mart.com.
The Korean MD page posts a Korean review and good closeup snapshots of the Sony MZ-R5ST docking recorder (photos directory).
7/25:Sharp and Aiwa units make the Etown Editor's picks for MD gear.
EE Plaza's HiFi section has positive things to say about MD.
7/24:If you're really into Fritos: Tim Silverman points out MZ-R55s on auction at Eploids, a site where you pay with Frito-Lay proof-of-purchase seals.
Scott C. notes the Sharp MD-C2 3MD/3CD bookshelf system for $190 (w/shipping) at Egghead.com
7/23:Cheap Blanks: Adam Prestin notes a sale (until Sat.) on Sony Color 5-packs for $8 at CompUSA and Zach spots Memorex 5-packs for $8.75 at National Recording Supply (mention "blues before sunrise" for free shipping).
Bob Greer finds the Sony MZ-E55 for $119 (+$11 shipping), and other reasonable MD equipment deals (such as a Sony MZ-R37 ($139) + USB PClink ($19)) at Electronics EMall.
7/22:David Popovits gives a detailed and interesting repairman's view of portable MD recorder problems.
A New York Times article discusses MP3 player developments. The latest trend? Coupling moving mass storage (40MB Clik, 340MB IBM Microdrive, 500MB Dataplay) with them to overcome mass market appeal limiting flash-memory costs.
Calum Tsang contributes a tidy Sharp MD-MT15 review.
7/19:Leon spots Panasonic's photo and Japanese info for their SJ-MR200 portable recorder, equipped with two line display and "Smart Operation Pad" (i.e. touchpad) for titling. Unit is world's smallest and lightest (78.2x71.6x16.8mm, 94g [120g w/batt]). Battery life (play/rec): NiMH: 15/7h, AAx1: 21/3h, Both: 38/15h.
In the machine translation of Sony's MDLP decks announcement they mention a new USB based PC-Link kit, wherein control and audio data flows over the USB cable.
`T' adds further MDLP unit details and an MDLP product list to his spec tables.
John Smith details the use of Minidisc equipment for ethnographic recording of Scots and Gaelic.
Danny Miller points out the Aiwa CDC-MP3 in-dash CD and CD-R/RW MP3 player.
7/18:MD Long-Play Mode Debut: Sony and JVC post photos and Japanese announcements of several MD units supporting 160m ("LP2") and 320m ("LP4") stereo recording modes: JVC's XM-P2000 portable player (NiMH battery life: 10h [SP], 6.5h [LP2], and 7h [LP4]), RC-MD330 CD/MD/tape/AM/FM boombox, UX-A70 and MX-S55 bookshelf systems, and Sony's MXD-D5C 5CD/MD 4X dubbing deck, MDS-JB940, MDS-JE640 and MDS-S50 decks, CMT-PX5 CD/MD bookshelf system with 4X dubbing, and MDX-G55MK2 AM/FM/MD in dash player. All units operate with conventional 292kbps ATRAC as well as ATRAC3 at 146kbps (LP2) and 73kbps (LP4).
Rich Westerman notes a Stereophile article stating that, aside from computer based recording, MD is the leading digital recording format in the US.
Charles Jowett finds a Sound-on-Sound review of the Marantz PMD650 pro-use portable, a fully featured machine which they generally like.
Ecoustics links alphabetically sorted reviews from around the web for MD portables, decks, and mini-systems.
Dan Foley starts the Canabrism Minidisc Site, with general MD information, equipment reviews, and links.
Pete De Bonte posts photo details of the rechargeable battery trick for Sharp portable MD recorders.
Kheops Minidisc posts closeups of the Hi_Space 10-pack, in all their colors.
7/16:We now have a Sherlock plugin which allows users of MacOS 8.5 and above to search this site (and the MD-L mailing list) from the MacOS Sherlock search interface. Let us know if you find these plugins useful.
Minidisc & CD Solutions is holding a contest looking for the strangest mixed music or sounds you can create with MD.
MD Land posts information and zoomable photos of the Sony MDS-JB940 and MXD-D5C home MD decks.
7/13:Fabian Lamaestra finds Pacific Coast Distributors selling various Sony MD service manuals (search for "Sony" and indicate model "md").
Video-Direct continues to be the first to find statistics on the latest Sony MD decks.
7/11:Calum Tsang sends in a well rounded Sony MZ-E33 review.
Professional solid state MPEG recorder: Developed jointly by Digigram and Nagra, the RCX220 allows up to 3.25 hours of MP2 stereo recording on a 192MB (!) flash card, with USB transfers to PC.
7/10:Me-ow! `T' posts a photo of Sanrio's Hello Kitty MD Player (JVC XM-PX3 clone).
7/9:George Michalski kindly sends in an Aiwa AM-F80 user manual (.pdf) and adds a few favorable comments about the unit.
August West spots a Shorten audio format plugin for Winamp at etree.org.
7/7:Jeff Kwan, Robert and others find a CNet article stating CDs, MiniDiscs still reign over MP3s; the article mentions that MD holds 40 percent of the digital audio recorder market, ahead of CD recorders with over 30 percent.
Kheops Minidisc begins their 3D product gallery with zoomable, rotatable images of a Sony blank and an Alsop MD rack.
7/5:Steven Tellman writes a brief Sony MDS-PC2 review.
Etown lists information and suppliers for popular MD decks, portables, and bookshelf systems in price-sorted order.
Daryl Marco finds WinCue, a Winamp plugin that automatically adds a pause between MP3 songs to ease track marking.
7/3:Sensory Science has announced the Rave:MP2300, an MP3 player that uses Iomega Clik discs. The $10 discs store 40MB on 2" magnetic media (cf. MD's $3, 160MB, 2.5" MO disc). So what's it got over MD? Well, capability for high speed download over a USB port and direct computer access to the audio data (until SDMI phase 2 kicks in that is).
MinidiscMall.com offers MD portables, blanks, and accessories.
Minidisco instates a 30-day unconditional return policy on all items.
Jim Coon points out plans and a kit for Mid-side microphones.
HomeRecording.com has some useful tidbits for the home recordist.
7/2:Nasim finds a good selection of MD blanks at TapeCity (UK).
Shaka Media (Japan) offers their own line of MD blanks, and in wholesale quantities.
6/30:Ed Porras makes a handsome review of the Sony MDX-C8500X in-dash MD player.
The Korean MD page posts photos and a Korean language review of the Sony MDS-S40 (MDS-JE330 in alternate packaging).
Leon notes Japanese pages for the Bose MDS-1 and MDA-8 home MD decks, the former offering Mic level inputs.
6/29:Gary Elko spots photos and Japanese info for the Canopus MD-Port, a USB to mini-optical I/O adapter (input side includes sampling rate conversion to 44.1khz), MSRP: JPY16,800.
Björn Wiberg finds Opticompo (in Germany), they offer optical I/O brackets, sound cards, cables, and components.
6/28:Leo Davidson sends in a good scan of the MZ-E90 English instruction sheet.
Simon Mackay recommends Minidisc for homemade cassette preservation.
6/27:The Korean MD page posts 20 photos of the Sony MZ-E800 (not to be confused with Hokusai's 36 views of Mt. Fuji). These images help put the unit's ``Head-Loading Mechanism'' in perspective.
Zach finds Sony MD Bundle 6 (MDS-JE330 + MZ-E33) at Sears for $200 after Sony's $50 rebate (pages 1 and 2). (Todd Lynch points out Sony Bundle 6 coverage at Crutchfield)
Kheops Minidisc takes a closer look at the Sony 8-pack color collection blanks.
6/26:Adam Prestin spots photos and English info for Aiwa's AM-CL33 player and XR-HG2MD minisystem, the former in teen-fashion colors, the latter with 2X dubbing and optical I/O.
Dan Frakes points out Ultimate Label Printer Pro, a $25 Mac/PC package for making media labels (MD, CD, DAT, etc.); includes preformatted layouts for MD labels.
Improvius finds Bryco molded plastic and soft portable MD cases at DATRAX.
Improvius also notes that Cassette House has Hi-Space MD blanks for $1.39 through 6/30.
6/25:Gadget quad reviews the Sharp MD-MT831, with favorable findings.
6/22:Tony Wang and others point out photos and Japanese info for Panasonic's SV-SD70 solid-state player. The AAC (not MP3) based unit is small and light enough (49.8x49.2x15mm, 55g w/batt) for wrist-wear and uses SDMI compliant 64MB SD flash memory cards. Price: ~US$500. No battery life figures given.
Real Electronics offers Sony AC adaptors and (non-Sony) MD portables.
Kheops Minidisc has 80' MPO blanks in bulk for $1.90 each (through June 25).
6/19:Etown offers newbie tips for getting the most from your MD and elementary troubleshooting . Their list of MD equipment includes suppliers and product profiles.
Grant Slevin recommends fastening MD slip-cases into a "Book-like" storage system.
6/18:Portable, recordable CD-R: Nicolas Stizza finds the Sony MVC-CD1000; world's first digital still camera recording to 77mm (3") CD-R (156MB cap).
6/17:Richard Reid wrote essay #4 in our essay contest on MD's survival.
6/16:The little company that could, part II: Minidisco announces their own ``Robot 80'' MD blanks.
6/15:Ed Porras notes that the Sharp MD-MS722 is available from Mercata.com for $140 (assuming 20% discount for new members and free shipping). The special ends today at 10PM (sorry for the late notice!). 6/16: Offer appears to extend until 6/18.
Julius Davies finds 80' MPO blanks for US$1.93 at Minidisc-Canada.com.
6/14:Jones and Ravn point out advance info at Video-Direct for the Sony MXD-D5 (integrated 5-CD changer and MD deck) and MDS-JB940 home deck (the latter mysteriously missing its rumored long play mode).
Seamus Dunphy finds word of Sony's MZ-R70PC unit, apparently similar to their MZ-R37PC, which included a USB to analog audio adapter.
6/13:Shopaudiovideo.com reports that the $100 Sharp MD-X5 offer is back, and they have the last 150 units available in the US. 6/14: Sold out in a day!
6/12:John Bunge quotes from the 6/11/00 NYT Magazine article "All in One: The Watch That Is Your Lifeline To the World" by Donovan Webster: ``The only gadgets in Akihabara that can compete with the i-phones for pure visual sex appeal are the squarish Minidisc players. I've seen these before in the U.S., but I was pretty convinced that they were nonstarters, already destined for the scrap heap. Perhaps in the U.S. they are, but not here in Tokyo. A.T.M.-style "Music PODs" are sprouting across the city, allowing kids to pick out the songs and burn their own Minidiscs, like mixed tapes. I wonder if the technology flourished in Japan because the players themselves, available in weird colors and designs, make such suitable fashion accessories: another layer of conspicuous techno plastic for kids to wear around.''
Ed Wong has made a comparison photo gallery of the Sharp MD-MT831 and Kenwood DMC-L7R (its clone).
Mark Koldys finds the Sony MDS-JE530, an ATRAC Type-R machine, for $220 at www.hifi.com.
ShopAudioVideo.com explains how it is that the Sharp MD-X5 price went from $100 to $200 in a flash.
6/9:Hazuki Shimono authors an Etown article covering MiniDisc audio vending machines in Japan.
Leon finds the ``Will-MD'' SJ-MW1/2/3 portables. They're Panasonic SJ-MJ77 variants with frames on their lids so that stickers and photos can be inserted (different from the Panasonic, they come w/o a drycell case).
6/8:Simon Gardner sends in high-res facia shots of the Pioneer M5100R, M7100R, M9100R, and Sony MDX-C6500R, MDX-C6500RV, MDX-C800REC, MDX-C8500R car MD units.
Scott Knight finds the Sharp MD-X5 bookshelf system on sale for $100 through Etown/ShopAudioVideo.com. With its PS/2 keyboard port for character input, this could be considered a [slightly] extravagant titling solution. 6/9: The curse of popularity: price is now an unexceptional $200.
6/7: Eric Georgeaux has created Sharp MD titling freeware that uses Meier's computer interface to Sharp portables.
Peter Wood adds a discussion forum to his Sharp MD-MS7xx page.
Blankshop.com (UK) open shop, offering good prices on Sony and TDK blanks.
Dan Frakes finds JVC's tidy little FS-MD9000 Minidisc bookshelf system at Buy.com for $250 and a coupon for another $30 off (with free shipping). 6/8: Rob and Matt note Buy.com's realtime supply and demand response: price is now $300.
6/6:(Kingsley Smith) Sony fights back the tide of budget priced discs with their JPY2800 ``Flagship'' Dual-layer MD2000 discs (machine translation to English).
Wolfgang finds what looks like Sony home MD deck release dates on an EPA site: MDS- (Jun) JE640, JE440, JE340 (MXD-?)D4, (Jul) JB940, (Aug) PC3, JA333ES, (Sep) D5. 6/9: They've magically disappeared from the EPA web page.
David Wright suggests using MiniDisc for telephone recording.
Kelvin Chang finds an ETown article saying a DataPlay equipped Rio MP3 player could be on the market in a year. (We previously reported the Wired article covering the DataPlay Disc, a tiny 500MB write-once medium designed to hold music, books, games and photos.)
6/3:Philip Davich recommends Plano's Stowaway organizer box (photo); a rugged, stackable, $5 solution for storing up to 75 MDs in their jewel cases with little wasted space (available in the tackle box section of K-mart and other fine retailers).
6/1:Lawrence Lin (via Thomas James) spots the Xitel MDPORT-DG1 a USB to TOSLink (i.e. digital optical) audio adapter for $100.
5/31:Jon finds a generally positive Etown review of the Pioneer Elite MJ-17D (though they are disappointed to find it missing a coaxial digital output, with its "better reputation for sound quality and reliability").
Seamus Dunphy spots 99p blanks at Richer Sound Ireland.
5/30:Andrea Winchester wrote essay #3 in our contest on the theme of MD's survival.
Randy Phillips reminds us that Amazon carries Memorex blanks for US$30 per 20 pack.
5/29:David Robinson finds Samsung blanks @$8/5 pack at the Guitar Center, Dallas (find a store near you).
5/28:Richard Barrott points out VideoWorld in Adelaide, Australia, selling Sony MD decks, portables, and blanks.
E. Tunkle finds the Sony MDS-JE320+MZ-E33 bundle at Onecall.com for $200 through June 6.
5/27:MiniDisc-Canada.com now carries Pre-recorded Minidiscs.
5/26:Thank you for your help on the END SEARCH petition! Over 300 signatures were collected and have been sent with a cover letter to Sony.
Michael Kirkman has created a handsome Sony MZ-E44 review page that includes a clear scan of the user manual.
Michael also finds Sony's top of the line MDS-JA555ES deck for sale at GiantSavings.com.
Alison Clayton sends information on Ikea's `Moppe' utility drawers, well suited for MD storage.
Gerrit Dijkstra has handcrafted images of the Sony MD logo in .gif and .eps formats.
5/24:Gabriele Bellini contributes detailed instructions for building an infrared remote for Sony portables.
Blank Media in Sydney, Australia offers MD blanks at competitive prices.
5/23:Gary Bingner wrote essay #2 in our continuing series on MD's Survival.
Ehren Gresehover points out the Swissonic USB Studio, a USB to Digital Audio I/O interface that is reported to be PC and Mac compatible. (Price: US$850. -Thanks to Niesen, Domagoj and Taylor.)
Peter Ravn adds MZ-R90/R91 test mode entry procedures to his page.
Peter Wood freshens up his Sharp MD-MS7xx site.
Wes Tewksbury finds several digital optical format handling widgets: Audio Authority's optical->coax and coax->optical converters, and the Sound Professionals uni- and bi-direction coax<->optical converters.
5/22:Robert Thompson scans in an April HiFi Choice article that carefully compares MP3 vs. ATRAC Type-R. In the end ATRAC does well, even against 256kbps MP3.
Robert also finds an EQ article in which Craig Anderton suggests a few interesting ways for musicians to make good use of normal (2-channel) Minidisc.
Nikhil Choudhary creates a gorgeous Digital Coax-to-Optical converter page, with detailed photos, schematics and instructions for building a complete device.
Dale Greer notices that the Yamaha RP-U100 USB/TOSLink/AM/FM peripheral is now compatible with MacOS 9.0.2.
5/21:Jason Fritcher points out Pioneer's description of their ``Advanced Parameter Processing'' in ATRAC, indicating that they've done some of their own development of the codec.
Matthew Wall notes that Planet Minidisc offers the Sony RM-X69RF. It allows wireless remote control of Sony Unilink MD/CD changers and includes an FM modulator; perfect for connecting e.g. the Sony MDX-65 6 MD changer to an existing non-Sony car stereo.
Humor: MP3 piracy claims another vicitm.
5/20:Have you hit that dang END SEARCH button a few times too many (or too few )? Sign our petition asking Sony to Drop End Search!.
Thomas James contributes a tidy review of the Xitel MDPort AN1, a USB to line-level analog audio adapter for recording PC music to MD.
Tips and Uses: Simon Mackay recommends Minidisc for music education classes and bus and boat tours. Mike Harman makes cheap mics with Radio Shack capsules Bert Bouwmeester likes to stretch MD capacity with mono mode.
PASS sells conversion kits to add professional balanced audio I/Os and remote fader start to your MD deck.
Kheops MiniDisc now carries MD portables, accessories and various brand MD blanks.
With US Minidisc prices at or near Japanese retail levels and citing a ``continued slump in export sales'', Sawada Denki will end its international mail order service on May 31st.
5/19:Leon, Ilwoong and friends point out photos and Japanese information for Panasonic's tiny SJ-MJ77 portable MD player (machine translation), setting new world size (71.3cc) and weight (60g) records (T's spec tables give further details and a clearer photo).
Marco Rossen passes along a closeup of Sony's new Walkman logo, found on the MZ-E800. According to Sony it emphasizes the new Sony network era.
David Law notes that eDigital's Internet Music Player handles ATRAC3 coding as well as MP3, EPAC, Liquid Audio and others.
Beyond HiFi points out a set of 3 designer MD blanks being marketed by TDK Europe and currently offers the Happy Cyclop (1st of the series).
5/18:A friend points out photos and Japanese announcement for the Sony MZ-E800 MD player (machine translation). Equipped with a charging stand, the unit features bass and treble controls, a new head loading mechansim, and battery life of 24h (NiMH), 37h (AAx1) or 64h (both) (Dim: 79.5x76.7x17mm, 110g [135g/w batt]).
Marco Rossen points out MiniDiscWorld, a Dutch online MD retailer.
5/16:We have a winner! Mike Worrell writes the winning essay.
Blas finds Sony's Club Memory Stick page.
5/15:A friend points out photos and Japanese information for the JVC XM-PX55 and XM-PX33 players. The spec tables show the XM-PX55 has record breaking battery life (NiMH: 27h, AAx1: 43h, Both: 75h) and record sharing weight (61g bare, 81g w/batt).
5/13:Chris Browne types in the entire Yamaha MDX-793 manual, and makes a snapshot of its PC board to boot.
5/11: Simon Gardner graciously adds 17(!) in-dash units to the equipment tables.
Matt Black kindly contributes a Minidisc Database program in Visual Basic (i.e. under Windows), for cataloging Vinyl onto MD.
Simon also finds user instruction manuals for the Kenwood 1050MD, 1090MD, KMD-C80, KMD-70R, KMD-71, KMDX-91, XD981MD, MD203, and MD2070 units on Kenwood's Manuals FTP site.
5/10:A friend points out pictures and Japanese info for Panasonic's SV-SD70 solid state player. Due out in July for JPY49,800, the AAC (not MP3) based unit uses SD flash memory cards and plays 4 hours on a single AAA cell. Unequipped with an audio data input jack, its SD cards are docked to the PC with a USB or PCMCIA adapter for downloading. Its SDMI compliant software converts CD and MP3 (but not .WAV) tracks to AAC. Larger capacity cards are due in 2001 (256MB) and 2003 (1GB).
Minidisco offers the Sharp MD-R3 3CD/MD deck for $160 + ~$20-$30 shipping.
5/9:The Gadget Squad wonders Where have all the Audiophiles gone?
Ryan Shoemaker points out Zdnet's peek at the MPTrip portable MP3-CD player (available for ~$110 at easybuy), it's even got a [very low quality] audio recording mode.
5/8:Adam Zenkner also spots Minidisc equipment at Abargain.co.uk.
5/6:Adam Zenkner finds good prices for Minidisc decks, portables, in-dash receivers and blanks at Unbeatable.co.uk.
5/5:Glen Wintringham kindly translates the Sharp MD-MT50 announcement into English.
Roy Martin has a mailing list devoted to trading live music on MiniDisc.
The Active Buyer's Guide has a system for helping you decide on a Minidisc unit.
5/4:Simon Gardner finds us asleep at the Sony car MD gear switch: Crutchfield's car MD page* features the MDX-C6500X and MDX-C8500X ES MD receivers; Edworthy's (UK) car MD page has the European versions, including the MDX-C8790R. The North American market MDX-C6500 styling is really in-your-faceplate compared to the more muted European edition. (*Crutchfield's page incorrectly refers to the MDX-C8000REC, it's actually a MDX-C800REC, as previously reported)
Simon also finds the latest Sony brochures (with a Minidisc section) at the AV-Store (UK). Included in the Super Audio CD brochure is a really clear explanation of the Delta-Sigma 1-Bit analog to digital conversion process, it's worth reading.
Thomas James forwards MiniDisc-Canada's car MD page.
Beyond HiFi opens shop, selling MD accessories and blanks.
5/2:Art Chimes considers the use of Minidisc in Radio Journalism.
5/1:German online MD shop MiniManiax has conducted several MD torture tests (in German, with photos), including 10 minutes each in a 50°C oven and boiling water, and being run over by a car. In all cases the audio on the disc survived.
Thomas James forwards Dorothy Parker's mention of the Zitel MD-Port AN1, a USB to MD (analog) adapter for the Windows platform, due out May 4.
Alexandru Anton-Luca points out several goodies:
The Egosys U24, a full duplex USB to TOSlink/coax/line adapter, with Windows and Mac drivers (not yet available?).
The VXpocket, a high quality analog/digital I/O PCMCIA card for PC or Mac laptops. Though US$730 list, BSWUSA offers it for ~US$600.
Another Sound Blaster bracket: Opticompo's POCAB couples with the Soundblaster Live to provide SPDIF coax and optical I/O for about $60. (Balint previously outlined a DIY solution for this.)
Pro audio recording at Radio College: They have an array of technical topics<--added to press/tech journals: professional--> for the aspiring radio journalist, one of which is a careful Sharp MD-MS722 review from a pro-use standpoint (included at its end are Q&As with readers, in which the author says ``MD leaves cassette technology in the dust''). In addition, the site has a bulletin board-like technical exchange on MD vs. DAT in pro-use recording.
The essay contest is closed and judging of the 41(!) entries is underway. All contestants should have received an acknowledgement. If you have not, please let us know.
4/29:Blas Gonzalez finds a few MD HiFi via IEEE 1394 (firewire) tidbits: Sony will introduce a iLink (firewire) equipped CD/MD system in the UK for GBP 1000 in August (see "Wire Cutter" article) and Kenwood demonstrated an MD/CD/DVD firewire system at the 1998 Fall Comdex. The basic idea is for firewire to be used as a single bus running between all HiFi components that carries control and data signals.
4/28:GadgetSquad keeps at it, writing a detailed and informative article on MiniDisc vs. MP3.
A reader finds Sharp's MD-R3, a 3CD/MD deck, for $200 (free shipping) at Buy.com
4/27:John McLachlan points out a DigitalMASS article covering Fraunhofer's MP3 licensing and the rise of Ogg Vorbis, a free software alternative.
4/26:GadgetSquad's Gautam Vasudevan gives a sober, detailed report on Sony's NW-MS7 Memory Stick Walkman. Though well made, he finds it hindered by a high price, short battery life, and restrictive digital rights management policies.
Peter Ravn notes a preliminary Casio English page for their WMP-1V MP3 wristwatch.
4/25:Pro-use dream portable: James Lee points out the HHB Portadisc MDP 500 (pdf brochure). This ATRAC 4.5 machine, due out in September for US$1545 (projected), is the first portable to feature a USB port for digital I/O transfers with a PC (currently allows real-time PCM data transfers only).
Karl Kjendal notes the Nakamichi MD-45z car MD receiver, equipped with a 24 bit DAC.
Dale Greer adds further Macintosh digital recording alternatives wherein he mentions that Thunderwire promises a complete iMac-to-MD digital solution by "Spring 2000", a Windows version is to follow.
Dale's posting finds we have been remiss in mentioning the MSRP $500 Yamaha RP-U100 (product catalog, comments from Stereo Review and ZDnet), essentially a USB port equipped HiFi receiver with TOSlink in and out.
Matthew Wall and Peter Ravn spot good prices on the Denon DMD-1000 deck ($265) and Sony MZ-E25 player ($101) at Overstock.com.
4/24:Jansen finds brief coverage of the Pioneer IS mini-system in T3 magazine.
T-station reports on the Kenwood SH-3MD mini-system (Japanese press release), an upgrade of their SG-3MD mini-system that includes 2X CD->MD dubbing (single track dubbing is still 1X however, and HCMS [high-speed copy management system] prevents a second high speed copy of the same CD within a 74 minute period).
4/23:David Janson notes that Music Press On Demand, an MD vending machine, will begin service in Japan this week. (Don't miss the MPOD FAQ, available on their top page)
4/22:Dale Greer describes digital transfers from Mac to MD and back.
4/21:Too hot for Sony: Dave Matthews finds a PG-13 rated MD ``Dream'' advert (2.7MB .avi) produced for Sony UK that they declined to air. Critics: Heady! Hilarious! (2.3MB compressed - bottom left frame)
4/20:Leon points out a Japanese anti-MD site (brief English section, machine translation into English). ``It is blasphemy ... to throw out cassette tape as garbage!''
4/19:Mark Kouts notes the Zits MiniDisc Cartoon in today's SF Examiner.
4/16:Ryan Graft has made a page devoted to live MD recording.
Lou Moore encourages MD Trading in his recent newsletter.
Russel Philip spies an MZ-R55 in a videotaped police interview covering the Washington DC protests (in the third video, entitled "Police and Protesters Clash...").
4/14:MP3/CD-R handling in brand name products: Nicolas Stizza finds Japanese and (brief) English information for Kenwood's 919 series car audio components. The Z919 (CD receiver) and D919 (CD deck) play MP3 CD-R/RW discs as well as normal CDs. Also included are three new MD receivers, the MJ919 (3+1MD changer), MZ919 (CD/MD) and M919 (single MD). All units are single DIN and Japanese FM band only. Nicolas also finds the Goodman GDMP330 Portable MP3/CD Player, available in Europe in July for 150 Euros.
Wolfgang Reichling points out the Open S-link Project dedicated to making ``computer s-link controlled automation a wide and openly available option for everybody''.
4/13:PASS gives brief coverage of the Denon DN-F20R, a Flash Memory based portable recorder. Intended for professional use, it includes an uncompressed recording mode.
4/12:Axel Stenberg finds photos, Japanese page, and press release for the Sharp MD-ST50 player: JPY26,000, 75.3x16.3x80.4mm, 111g (w/batt), playing time of 21h (NiMH), 31h (AA), 56h (both), w/charging stand and in plenty of colors.
Alvin reports that the $120 Sharp MD-MT15 recorder is still available at MobShop using promo code "SIXPROMO" at checkout to take $50 off the $170 price. The MD-MT15 is normally drycell powered but can be tricked into working with rechargeables.
4/11:Adam Frydland sells a �20 kit allowing use of a CD-ROM drive for digital recording to MD. Shawn Lin outlined a few issues to bear in mind with this approach in 1998.
Mike Chan spots good prices for Sony MD gear at Electronics eMall.
4/10:Ted Rees finds an IDG story on Sony's online music retailing venture. Sony will be offering audio in both ATRAC3 and Windows Media format.
Nick Hogan spots Supreme Video, selling Sony and Sharp MD gear at competitive prices.
4/9:Microformat Wars part III: Aivar Grislis finds a Wired article covering the DataPlay Disc, a tiny 500MB write-once medium designed to hold music, books, games and photos.
Kheops MiniDisc in Florida offers Hi-Space blanks with a credit card payment option.
Ed Wong notes BSW, a radio station supply house selling pro MD equipment (Denon, Sony, Tascam, Yamaha).
4/7:Gregory Chan has created an MP3 to Minidisc on Macintosh tutorial.
4/6:Howard Gluckman finds the Kenwood KMD-X92, their latest in-dash MD receiver.
Shawn Lin's April Fools MZ-R110/120PDA has been commented upon far and wide and reported by Nanhuatech (Chinese) and PC Watch (Japanese). Gosh, do you think a company making one of these would find them popular?
T-Station reports on three boomboxes: the Sony ZS-M75 (Japanese press release) with 2X CD/Tape->MD dubbing and world-band FM section [this machine incorporates HCMS {high speed copy management system}, preventing the same material from being high speed dubbed more than once within a 1X period], the Aiwa CSD-MD22 (English and Japanese press releases) with world-band FM, and the Kenwood MDX-F1 (Japanese page).
David Pio finds a page describing how to inexpensively modify a Diamond MX300 sound card for TOSLink output.
Eric Feinstein recommends adding non-skid feet to your portable.
4/5:John and Mike Sims announce ZephIR, a $75 hardware and software package for IR universal remote control from a Macintosh (includes ADB port IR interface).
Mostafa Abdel-Hady and Ed Wong find a second MobShop buy-cycle for the $110 Sharp MD-MT15S, promotion code ''TOPICATIP'' still works (see 4/4 news).
4/4:Ed Porras finds the $100 (almost) MD Recorder: "Group buying site MobShop offers the Sharp MD-MT15S Portable MiniDisc Player / Recorder for $159.95 with free shipping. Promotion code ''TOPICATIP'' takes $50 off for a net price of $109.95, a reader found. (Enter it at checkout.) The price may fall to $139.95 before discount, or $89.95 after, before the buying cycle closes on Thursday, April 6 at 12:45 pm ET."
4/3:James Torsen finds a ZDNet article concluding that MD is superior to the Memory Stick Walkman.
Doug Rice shows how he made a Remote Control Timer for an Aiwa AM-F5.
Angus Bell spots a Wired article in which Terence Chea grudgingly accepts that MiniDisc is the best recording format in today's consumer digital audio marketplace.
James Tolley notes a Fast Company blurbette stating MD is good.
Oscar Setiawan points out Creative's Live Drive II optical I/O bracket.
--> Sony will apparently adopt an S-Core transformer in upcoming MD equipment.
Several folks get the skinny on some interesting equipment: the Sony MZ-R100, MZ-R110/120PDA and MXD-PCD3.
3/29:Christian Almind takes a closer look at the Sony MZ-R70.
Tim finds the Sony MZ-E44 and MZ-E55 for $100 and $150 respectively at J&R (search for mze44 or mze55).
John Crawford likes the versatility of an MD portable.
3/28:Leon posts his 25 button cellphone-like MD portable fantasy.
Stephen Roux notes that the '00 Cadillac Seville has a MiniDisc option for $300. Oddly, they drop the CD player to make room for it.
Ethics questions aside, Shade finds a way to bring home the latest music.
T-station spots a Japanese page for Sharp's headphone-shaped ATRAC3 player. Incorporating an SDMI compliant 64MB Sony Memory Stick, two hour playing times (at 66kbps) are possible. Battery life: 4 hours, MSRP: JPY48,000.
3/25:Superfi UK posts brief info about Sony's MDS-JE440 and MDS-JE640 decks, both with ATRAC Ver 1.0 Type R.
Daniel Kouvo kindly offers several cool MD uses and tips.
Johan Kurka scans a German ad for the Orion MDC-201 (337KB), appearing very similar to the Goodmans 901CMD.
Mark J. Linkhorst opens MDlink, offering SCMS-free duplication services to professionals as well as MD equipment and blanks.
3/24:Dr. Tuna describes how Minidisc was used to create a gallery of heart sounds that includes the sounds of mechanical heart valves.
Ed Cole reports his success using Minidisc at a radio station.
Microformat Wars: Al Jones, Brian Wiklem and several others point out Sony (English, Japanese) and Sharp's (English, Japanese) announcement of a 50mm 1GB MO disc (with 2GB and 4GB versions possible) that looks surprisingly similar to the Sanyo/Olympus/Hitachi 730MB, 50mm mini-MO. Both are slated for use in digital cameras.
Blas finds a handy Sony glossary of HiFi terms.
3/23:Peter Ravn posts the magic key combinations to get many Sony bookshelf systems into test mode. But fiddling around without a service manual at hand may be hazardous.
Superfi UK puts together zoomable surface scans of the Sharp MD-SR50 and MD-SR60 portable AA cell recorders.
3/22:Ferdinan Wirawan reviews the Sony MZ-R90 and wonders if the MZ-R50 isn't a better unit.
Alex Clark finds a blurbette from ZDnet saying the Panasonic SJ-MJ75 compares favorably with an MP3 player.
Sebastien Bogaert has made an MD page en Français.
Linus Sweers updates his TOSLink Tx/Rx parts page and adds a credit card payment option.
3/21:Long strange trip dept: Majiloon has branched out from balloon performance art to the manufacture of a tidy wireless remote for Sony and Aiwa portables.
3/19:Phil Gartman finds a Sony DCM-M1 Discam blurb on CNet. They like the editing features, but not the image quality.
3/18:Andre Cardoso spots photos and Japanese info for a slew of Sony car audio gear: the WX-C77 (JPY116000, 3MD+CD, double DIN), WX-C66 (JPY84000, MD+CD, double DIN), MDX-G55 (JPY68000, 45Wx4) [previous 3 come with wired & wireless remotes], MDX-65 (JPY58000, 6 MD changer, seemless disc change, optical out), MDX-65RF (JPY67800, standalone MDX-65 with wireless remote, small remote display and FM coupling to existing car stereo through JASO (standard?) antenna jack [coupling frequency unstated]), MDX-C5400X (JPY41000, 50Wx4) and MDX-C7400X (JPY53000, 50Wx4, wireless remote). All FM sections sadly Japanese band only.
Grover Cleveland points out the Delta DIO 24/96, a digital I/O (coax/optical) PCI sound card that is PC and Macintosh compatible.
3/17:Simon Wilson has made a handsome comparison report of the Aiwa AM-F70 and Sony MZ-R90.
MD archeology: we find Sony's 1991 Mini Disc announcement.
Blas abets again with an AudioFile article giving a bit of MiniDisc perspective from Malaysia.
Pass (UK) has original batteries and remotes for several Sony and Sharp portables.
Digital-e (UK) supplies competitively priced blanks.
3/16:Blas is back, noting a Sony/IBM deal to master and distribute secure ATRAC3. The press release also mentions a wireless trial in Japan that will enable customers to receive and play music content over NTT DoCoMo's PHS 64K bps data communications network, using Sony's Memory Stick as a recording media for portable devices.
3/15:Blas spots further ATRAC3 details.
James Brodsky finds MiniDisc being used in field PA systems.
3/14:Blas Gonzalez finds a Sony press release stating plans to license the ATRAC3 LSI.
Brandon Seong-Shin Hong's detailed economics class paper on MiniDisc discusses the marketing of the format and its future prospects.
We spot further PC to MD connection tips at ZDTV.
3/13:Tony Cerami points out Crutchfield's page and photo for the Sony MDX-C800REC, a single DIN recording car MD unit.
3/12:Superfi posts rotatable photos of the Sony MZ-E60 (a camelback) and MZ-E75 units.
Barney Kahn points out a ZDTV note covering PC to MD connections that broaches the idea of high-speed downloading.
3/10:Dr. Rasche notes an article stating that Sonic Solutions will integrate ATRAC3 into their workstations for preparing Internet audio.
Ted Reinke finds a lackluster Sony MXD-D3 review on etown. Though they like the unit, they apparently feel that 10 years of increasing market penetration by the format presents a bleak outlook for the future.
Mike Wrob points out a Bass Pro tackle box (item 'D') for $6 that he uses for storing 75 MDs.
We've freshened up a bit (thanks to design help from Jim Tolley and Paul Budnitz at Minidisco). The old format top page will remain available for the fogeys amongst us.
3/9:John Asnin finds an Emedia article that considers MiniDisc afresh.
Guy Churchill notes a Headwize page discussing the psychological content of a Sony MiniDisc advertisement.
We have a new look, beta II (subpages will look like this). As always, your comments are particularly helpful.
3/7:The Cue-master remote control system offers professional, RF based remote operation of PS/2 jack equipped Sony decks.
3/5:Hardeep Bhogal and others report that MinidiscNow is gone. A rather sad story, MDN was among the earliest and most active of the MD e-tailers, but their reportedly poor customer service apparently caught up with them.
3/3:Angel Dejesus points out Sony's second USB to Minidisc announcement (the first was back in September). Congratulations Sony on getting the MP3/Minidisc story right!
Superfi (UK) posts pictures of Sharp's MD-SR50 and MD-SR60 (the former sans remote). They seem identical to the MD-MT50 that Sharp just announced in Japan.
Peter Ravn points out Earjam.com, a Voquette like device that helps you locate and play a variety of web audio content.
Thank you all for your comments on our new layout! I'll post notice when Beta 2 is ready.
3/2:Please give us your comments on the MDCP's new look (beta).
3/1:Superfi posts zoomable, rotatable scans of Sony's MZ-R70 "camel back" MD recorder, as well as ones for the MZ-R91 and MZ-E90 units.
Frederick Henderson points out Onyx MiniDisc housings for journalists and other professional users.
2/29:A Korean friend spots Aiwa's Japanese page for their XR-MD510 bookshelf system. The T-station gives English coverage of that unit as well as Aiwa's LCX-MD210 bookshelf system (for which Aiwa now has an English page). Aiwa also now gives English coverage of their MM-FX500 pocket MP3 recorder.
A friend points out the announcement of Liquid Audio's CD Kiosk, they're debuting the system at the National Association of Record Merchandisers show.
2/27:Tim Yocum has made a handsome review of the MXD-D3, Sony's 4X CD->MD dubbing deck.
TechToys4U (Salt Lake City, Utah) offers MiniDisc portables and decks.
2/26:MiniDisc Access (California) sells MD accessories, blanks and (some) equipment.
Ismaan Ameer finds Pre-recorded Minidiscs in Australia at Sanity.com (unfortunately you cannot search exclusively for MD titles).
2/25:Peter Ravn spots Sony Austria's Aroma-round CD packaging, can MiniDisc au Marmalade be far behind?
Hoshing Kwong describes a circuit board fix for the Sony MZ-R55 self recording-start problem.
Peter Ravn has made a page for the Philips SBC RU880 remote.
Asian Imports (Toronto, Canada) sells MD imports.
2/24:Axel Stenberg and friends find Sharp's Japanese page and press release for their MD-MT50 "single AA" portable recorder. Battery life, alkaline: rec: 3h, play: 7h, NiMH: rec: 4.5h, play: 6.5h. Dim: 99.9 x 22.9 x 77.9mm, 191g w/batt, MSRP: JPY35,000.
A friend spots Aiwa's photo and Japanese announcement of their MM-FX500, the world's first portable MP3 encoder/player. With 32MB of memory, it records music (analog input) at 128kbps/44.1khz or voice memo (builtin mono mic input) at 8kbps/16khz. Battery life on AA x 1, rec: 5h, play: 10h. Dim: 65 x 90 x 18.5mm, 80g. MSRP: JPY 39,800
Martin Clinton notes an interesting ZDNet article on Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries, the ``builtin'' rechargeable cell used in the Sony MZ-E95 player.
Peter Ravn finds the Philips SBC RU880 IR remote with builtin timer functions.
2/22:Peter Ravn notes a way even stalwart cassette users can enjoy MP3(!)
Rikard Ternerup and Superfi kindly supply further details for the Sony MZ-R70 and MZ-E60 portables.
DiscountDiscs (UK) sells HiSpace and TDK blanks.
2/21:Will Smith finds the Sony MZ-R70 and MZ-E60 units for sale at QED (UK). (Dimensions and battery life info for these units would be much appreciated)
2/18:Jean Stackpole spots further Voquette Netlink coverage at the San Fransisco Examiner and Chronicle.
Danilo finds a page describing MD deck IR remote control with a Psion palmtop computer.
2/17:James Jarvie notes a brief editorial and favorable review of the Voquette Netlink/MD recorder bundle on ZDNet.
Peter Ravn adds brief instructions for entering service mode on Sony bookshelf systems.
A reader points out Aiwa's Japanese announcement of their LCX-MD210 CD/MD/cassette bookshelf system with worldband FM tuner and 3 settable colors of LCD illumination.
2/16:Ecoustics has a good MiniDisc section with links to many equipment reviews.
2/15:Robert points out Aiwa Deutschland's pages for the AM-F80 and AM-F75 portables, the latter apparently a cost reduced version that drops the backlight and the remote's LCD.
Tony Wang sends in a substantial Panasonic SJ-MJ75 vs. JVC XM-PX5 comparison gallery.
2/14:William Hollingworth has updated his free MiniDisc Manager software to include a WinAmp Playlist Recorder function that fully automates the titling and recording of MP3s and CDs onto Sony MD decks.
Jens Lungstad points out a Sony MZ-R55 review for newbies at Sharky Extreme.
2/9:Superfi posts photos of the Sony MZ-R70 recorder and MZ-E60 player, both due in March (no further details yet). They also offer nice zoomable surface scans of the Sony MZ-R90, Aiwa AM-F80 & AM-HX50, and Panasonic SJ-MR100 & SJ-MJ70 units.
MiniDiscussion adds a new Frequently Asked Questions section to their site.
MiniDisc-Canada offers the hard-to-find Sharp external drycell case for the MD-MS70x and MD-S301 portables.
2/8:Glen Wintringham describes his fondness for the Sony MZ-R91.
Dave Derby tries out the Voquette Netlink, but finds it disappointing.
The T-station covers Sharp's MD-F100 boombox and MD-X10 mini-compo system, both featuring 2X CD->MD dubbing and world-band FM tuners.
Howard Jow revisits NiMH battery life after a year of use.
MiniManiax in Germany opens shop, offering poplular MD portables.
MiniDisc-UK.co.uk appears, specializing in Minidisc accessories (primarily Sony and Aiwa microphones).
2/4:Chuck Monfradi points out Ubid.com, a site auctioning company merchandise. They offer MD portables and decks and currently have a Sharp MD-MS722 for $125 after $50 rebate.
2/3:Timothy Stockman reviews the Sony MDS-PC2 deck.
Francisco Jose Montilla points out an Slink to PC interface you can build or buy. He also finds Sony S-Link Resource center.
2/2:Peter Ravn notes SRTL (UK) carries TDK blanks.
2/1:Kobayashi Yu finds photos and Japanese info for Sharp's MD-ST55, world's smallest and thinnest player (71x12.8x78mm). Features charging stand, charging LED (flashes while charging, extinguishes when done) and battery life of 21h (NIMH), 31h (AA), or 56h (both).
Chris Dom spots Erikson's combined MP3 player and cell phone, no wireless downloading however.
Timothy Stockman points out a page for hacking Sony's Slink CAV-1 interface, felt to be similar to the MDS-PC2's CAV-50C.
Sony UK dealer Total Audio's MDS-E11 page has free RS-232 control software for the MDS-E11 and MDS-E52 pro decks that allows track titling, playlists, remote control, etc. The RS-232 protocol for the decks is also available there.
Mark van Rossum has written free software for titling and controlling MD decks via an IR interface you can build.
1/31:Timothy Stockman kindly sends in the (pdf) manual for Sony's MD Editor 2 software, the program that comes with their PC connectable MDS-PC2 deck.
Robert Jung clarifies Sony Music Clip's MP3 capabilities.
Bas Oort offers some tidbits about the Sharp MD-MT15 service mode.
Tim Corcoran submits a review of Sony's SRS-T1 active speakers, he considers them a vital part of his MD travel kit.
1/30:Tim Russell takes a close look at Sony's solid state Music Clip player and its SDMI constraints. His recommendation: stick with MiniDisc.
Jimmy Bogard points out the $35 Korean SoundTrack Digital NX sound card with Coax and TOSlink output.
Luis finds one we missed: a Gadget Guru commentary on the Sharp/Voquette Internet bundle.
The T-station and MiniDisc HK are offering a weekly contest to win MD blanks.
1/29:Gary Duke has a demo recording on MP3.com that he made with Core-Sound battery box binaural mikes.
Kenny Wong spots a CES announcement for the Alpine MDM-7741, a ``high performance'' car audio MD head unit.
Roger Yao points out the Aureal Superquad, a $50 sound card with optical output (search on "aureal optical" at Pricewatch.com). He notes that only the OEM version has optical output, their retail version does not.
Peter Ravn notes that J. Ackerman has Philips brand(!) MiniDisc blanks for sale.
Dave Hawthorn finds TOSlink and miniplug optical cables in the UK at Tempo (search on "optical") and DigitalChoice (accessories->audio lead->2nd page).
1/28:A reader kindly points out a brief Japanese news announcement and photo of Sony's unusual looking MZ-E77.
1/27:Ilwoong Pyo spots Sony's Japanese announcement (no photo) of their MZ-E77 player: pop colors, one touch eject, bass and treble controls with 2 presets, NiMH: 21h, AA: 31h, both: 56h, Dim: 78.3 x 13.9 x 71.4mm, pocket weight: 128g.
M.H.M.Evers has a Dutch MD Page.
1/26:Ilwoong Pyo points out photos and Japanese info on Seiko's MD labels and printing software (closeup) for their Smart Label Printer 220. Seiko notes the convenience of using their software together with a PC connectable Sony MD unit (e.g. MDS-PC2) and offers their printer software for download.
1/25:Tony Wang contributes an informative JVC XM-P5 MD player review as well as pointing out MiniDiscWeb.com, an MD web retailer selling popular portables and accessories.
Maximilian Huetter finds a German language comparison test of MP3 and MD, at the Warentest institute.
Jonathan Thompson spots a Japanese page for the Eclipse E5309 car MD player, a double-DIN unit with 4MD+1CD capacity (3 MDs in the changer and one "guest MD"). Japanese FM band only.
1/22:Gary Bingner talks about the favorite blanks in his collection.
Justin Woo has started his own MD equipment price watch.
1/21:Superfi (UK) now offers the Aiwa AM-F80 and Sony MZ-R90 portables with a local price matching guarantee.
1/20:Howard Lefkowitz spots Sony's Tourist Model information page, providing detailed information for taking Sony equipment abroad, including service locations world wide.
Ian McFarlane posts a Sony MZ-E80 review.
1/17:MiniDiscHolders.com opens shop, offering a selection MD racks and packs.
1/16:Ilwoong Pyo points out Casio's photos and Japanese announcement of their MP3 player wristwatch. Due out in April, the unit holds 32MB of audio and can be loaded via USB port (each 4 minute track taking 70 seconds).
1/14:MP3.com begins a beta Music Provider Service. They have 45,000 CDs available for streaming after you show you own the CD. You do this by 1) placing the CD in your CD-ROM drive and using their "Beam-it" software, or 2) purchasing the CD through one of their associated e-tailers.
1/13:Mikhail Grigoriev points out Panasonic's unusual looking SC-PM50MD mini-compo system, and T-station gives it English coverage. He also finds Panasonic's Japanese announcement of their RX-MDX5 boombox.
Hans Henrik Bune spots a German testing institute's summary results for 9 modern MD recorders.
Zach Zaletel finds the Sharp MD-MS722 for $150 (after rebate and gift certificate [exp. 1/28]) at Shopping.com.
1/12:A friend sends in photos of the Sony MZ-E7W wristwatch remote.
Moore finds ZDNet's mention of the Sony MZ-R90's February arrival in the US (near the middle of the page).
1/11:Laurence Lee spots Sony's photo and Japanese announcement of their MZ-E7W wireless remote MD walkman, allowing wristwatch based control and display operations. (See English machine translation).
Last year, ASC and the London College of Printing made a joint venture to equip student journalists with MZ-R37 recorders.
Another good price: Milton Meinhardt finds the Aiwa CSD-MD50 boombox for $200 at J&R.
MiniDiscussion.com, our official discussion board, gets a complete facelift.
1/9:Benny Chan finds the Aiwa AM-F70 for $200 at Tweeter (search for "amf70").
1/8:PASS (UK) manufactures several MD accessories: the MD-Report and MD-Report Junior housings as well as an oversize Sony wired-remote button box.
1/6:Hardeep Bhogal spots two Sony CES press releases. One covers the US intro of 6 portables: the MZ-R90 (in blue), MZ-R37SP ($200), ZS-M35 (2X dubbing boombox), MZ-R70 (dual headphone jacks(?)), MZ-E60 ($150), MZ-E75 ($250). The other announces the MDX-C800REC AM/FM/MD car stereo head unit with recording capability.
Jonathan Angel finds word of a Sony tie-up with RealNetworks, providing ATRAC3 audio delivery over the Net.
Paul Robertson has started a UK MD page with a focus on blanks, trading and accessories.
1/5:Moshe Braner kindly submits a Sharp MD-MT15 review.
Ian McFarlane posts a review of the Sharp MD-M3, a CD/MD bookshelf system with 2X dubbing capability.
1/4:Rodrigo Drupi Mansilla starts a Spanish MiniDisc page.
1/3:We're collecting a few MiniDisc tricks and tips.
1/1:Happy New Year!
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