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June 5, 2000

New commodity

The high pitched sound quality and high reliability are thoroughly pursued.
Flag ship model ``MD2000'' is put on the market about the mini-disc.

Mini-disc for recording ``MDW74Z''

The Sony marketing (The president:—ѐ½G(unknown word) and headquarters:(Inc.)Tokyo port district) puts the flag ship model of the mini-disc for the Sony recording by which a digital technology which has cultivated the field sound up to now faithfully to record and to reproduce even the detail is concentrated and ``MD2000'' ``MDW74Z'' on the market.
In ``MD2000'', tone quality and reliability demonstrates both high-level disk characteristics by installing ``Extra Solid Cartridge'' by which ``Hyper Precision Disc'' by which a magnetic layer in two layers where the characteristic is different for the first time is installed as a mini-disc for the recording and the magnesium alloy are adopted. Moreover, serial No. is marked to one piece as one proof of the height of the quality on the disk.

Type name Recording reproduction time Sale day Price (excluding tax)
Mini-disc for recording
``MD2000'' ``MDW74Z''
74 minutes July 10 2,800 yen

- Main feature

1. The disk characteristic improves further by ``Hyper Precision Disc'' by which dual magnetic layer is adopted.
*** The disk substrate which uses <low> refraction material is adopted by using the developed highly accurate stamper newly in the MD2000 exclusive use. Moreover, a magnetic layer in two layers where the characteristic was different was installed for the first time with the mini-disc for the recording, and a high-level disk characteristic was achieved so far. The magnetic field sensitivity characteristic improves by 2dB compared with our company old goods, and the power margin goes up by about 20%, and furthermore the error rate decreases greatly, too, too.

2. ``Extra Solid Cartridge'' by which the magnesium alloy is adopted is installed.
The vibration from a deck and external sound pressure is suppressed as much as possible by a hybrid structure to combine the shells in the under which adopt the shell after the magnesium alloy with a very high rigidity is adopted and the polycarbonate resin. Moreover, the above shell and the shell in the under are firmly held by five screws.

3. Special case with professional specification
The MD jewel case used by the mini-disc of a professional youth has been adopted. The case to which high-level feeling and the function were abundant. Moreover, the aluminum label only for ``MD2000'' was appended so that the material feeling of the cartridge was not ruined even if the label was pasted.

4. The stamp of serial No. in the shutter.
Serial No. was marked to the shutter as proof of the height of the quality only of the flag ship model of the mini-disc of Sony.

- Main specification

< physical characteristic >
Size of disk :64.8mm in diameter/1.2mm in thickness
Size of cartridge :72~5~68mm (width ~ height ~ interior taking)
Mass :22g
(*rekohdaburueria*) :Diameter 32mm-61mm
Track pitch :1.6ƒÊm
Disk line speed :1.22m/s
Disk inclination (amount of swinging) :2mrad or less (within 20 microns)
Amount of truck eccentric :}20ƒÊm or less
< disk optical characteristic >
•¡(unknown word) refraction :30nm or less
Amount of mirror reflection (780mm time) :19%
Laser power when reproducing :0.6mW
Laser power when recording :4.5mW (standard value)
CN ratio :50dB
Power margin when recording :Standard value }30% or more
Minimum, necessary record magnetic field :8kA/m

- Inquiry of customer:
Center TEL0570-00-3311 consultation TEL03-5448-3311 of Sony (Inc.)customer (Nabis dial)(inquiry from portable telephone and PHS)

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