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This page is a page by which the problem of ATRAC method compressed to the point where music is destroyed under the name of "Frivolity and small", the inferior media, and mini-disc (MD) is pointed out, and the superiority of media bleached to the threat is reviewed.

You cannot use unfortunately convenient MD any longer when noticing as the sound of MD is abnormal once. And, to a dark side of non-MD ・・・

*** Welcome to non-MD dark side <(> <laughter>)

*** <non-MD ideologist> unite besides compact cassette, DCC, SVHS-DA of all nations, DAT, and CDR. !

YouNon-MD ideologist of public notice.

Establishment finality update on June 23, 1998:April 12, 2000

Update matter:Victim MD's voice

Figure of non-MD alliance which adds 鉄槌(unknown word) of angry against expanding demon and Mad Disk.

The concept on this page
No "MD is insufficient. "

*** "MD <abnormal sound> misinterprets music. "
*** "The distortion occurs <the number one of MD problem> <"Information is lost">. " in this according to compression!

MD and 音悪(unknown word) い(unknown word). It is hard, and there no thickness.
Hardening of distortion. It is bad for health. MD is a helminth of music. *** OK without thinking tomorrow if the sound is good. want to listen from remain the conditions nature saying of MD whyOK!

(*maindokontorohru*) wrong as can say the education of the change to 愚民(unknown word) with good sound is done as for MD, and it is made common sense. The reason for it is that there is one "The sound is bad". The bad one is bad. *** "<MD> sound is bad" is partly common sense in the person who knows the good one though no do be known whether the impact. the sound from MD the person who had thought, "The sound is good" up to now

After DCC (digital compact cassette) which appears at the same time as MD is driven in to ruin
Analog tape (compact cassette) and DAT (digital audio tape)
*** The future for general music was cut without <までも(unknown word)> receiving the 21st century.
Excuse me, each MD model with the problem is pointed out to the maker by naming though the individual does not criticize.

Even the market monopoly by the win of one person of MD is "Bad money expels 良貨(unknown word)" (Gres Siam) exactly, and a crime of the capitalism society in the state of the brain death to lose the freedom of the selection.

Defend the sphere of existence of non-MD media persecuted to MD. The thoroughness resistance and [it] exists. Believe in yourself and fight. All are only ruined in front of さもなくば(unknown word) MD. !

It is a blasphemy to the culture to throw away the cassette tape as garbage. Let's stop it.
Hereafter, even "Non-MD" will be status.
It is not so though [it] is persecuted, the bulrush is borrowed when it is uncouth if MD is not used now, [it] passes. Hereafter, even "Non-MD" is good-looking. *** "Each other <, breaking 音悪(unknown word) squid> MD is not used" is basic.

MD which did not have it on the first

Erase inferior audio.

Wide-screen TV and MD

Those who find it about distortion of MD

Portable MD tone quality

The current state of the seen MD use in FM radio station.

Do not permit the music vending machine by MD.

To use MD for impossible 矢理(unknown word)

- Contribution corner

[It] consists of the MD damage report of everybody and non-MD ideologist's voice. The voice of live of everybody is being raised.

*** Voice of portable victim 録(unknown word) MD <again>

NEWUP!Victim MD's voice

Non-MD ideologist's voice

Those who find it about distortion of MD because of non-MD ideologist contribution

NEW!Pioneer PDR-D5 patronage person's voice

From MD to the CD recorder. PHILIPS CDR560S purchase person's voice

- Single goods MD deck relation

The distortion of the rotting disk is decreased. Pioneer new model MD deck MJ-D5

Unnecessary MD deck theory of 50,000 yen or more

ATRACType R is only a name. The Sony new model MD deck group is cut. !

A fatal problem of the seen MD format in highest class MD deck Sony MDS-JA50ES.

MD extermination of SONY new model MD deck JA33ES VS Philips/Marantz in pioneer CDR army corps.

The seen current state in technology February edition radio magazine scramble report Marantz MD19 in 1999 and PHILIPS CDR560.

Confrontation. Sony highest class MD deck JA50ES VS non-MD

- Analog cassette tape (ACC)

High-level metal tape ruin finally

The cassette tape-deck revived from distinguished family Nakamichi by three heads.

To the Nakamichi official page

MD is exceeded with the tape. Post MD latest, technological cassette tape-deck

Authentic record. (*dejipurokasettodekkipaionia*) TD7 VS MD


MD is already (*dasai*). Hereafter, the age when CD is made for myself.

NEW!The CDR minicomputer is put on the market from Aiwa finally.

The CDR minicomputer is put on the market from the pioneer finally.

As for this, [it] cannot know the topic since then by non-MD alliance and starting.

A left chart:From Philips CDR catalog

Philips DCC ruin declaration was not MD defeat declaration. Philips develops the CDR/CDRW recorder of a digital recording media which changes into DCC which can be rewritten.

Is the sound of the MD deck better than that of the CDR deck?

About the CDR/RW recorder for audio

CDR/RW recorder lineup for audio

UP DATE!Model information which can reproduce CDRW

"Reference CDR" Marantz DR17 sale.

For CDRW and legato link high pitched sound quality portable CD is put on the market from the pioneer finally.

To Philips official CDR page (of course English version)

The author buys and is using it.

Business use CDR/RW recorder Marantz CDR630 use record

- DAT (digital audio tape)

The household use deck since then in the autumn of 96 years is DAT life-and-death crises as the public welfare audio as for the new model none and small, portable recording machine TCD-D100 though remains for the professional at the end. !

DAT manufacturing maker official page (Only by two companies now).

SONY official page (leaving untouched) SONY official page (portable) pioneer official site

TASCAM (business use) high bit DAT

Please use "Audio related link" here if you want to learn DAT. *** Understanding <(> ^ because [it] will not link here soon if going;

Bulletin board of audio and portable telephone

The manager is non-MD ideologist's Mr. (*kerompa*). A hot voice is waited for concerning MD and non-MD.

*** The concept on the page here is <Japan DCC preservation association> <"Abnormal love to DCC" (> <laughter>)

To audio corner Dendermonde

Non-MD ideologist's banner. Please use it by all means. Those who ally link each other.

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