Sony MDS-JE530

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Sony MDS-JE530MD Deck
Intro: 6/1999 (? guess)
MSRP $300
IN: line, optical (opticalx2 on non-euro model?), coax (euro-model only?). OUT: line, optical, headphones. Control-A1 (euro only?)430x95x280mm, 3.5kg

Features: ATRAC DSP Type R, 24bit ADC (hybrid pulse) and DAC, 6 second time machine, digital recording level control, 2 line display, pitch control. Control A1 connector (S-Link). Remote is smaller and with fewer buttons than previous JE5xx units, requiring multiple presses to enter a single character. Stereo/mono rec switch. Settable output level. FADER key on front panel and on remote. TOC-cloning possible.

Notes: NO date/time stamp recording.


User Manual: MDS-JE530

Service Manual: MDS-JE530

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