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Sony MDS-JA22ESHigh end MD Deck
Intro: 5/1998
MSRP ¥89,000
in: line, optical x 2, coax. out: line, optical, headphone430x125x345mm, 7.5kg

Features: According to Sony's Japanese web page: ``The newly developed 'Type-R' DSP used for ATRAC provides a factor of 2 improvement in processing capability. In addition to improving the calculation accuracy, a unique 'Intelligent bit reallocation algorithm' has been used, by re-allocating the bit quantities and re-analyzing the audio data, an audio quality even closer to the recording source has been achieved.'' Wide bit stream. Tray loading. Digital record level control. R-core transformer. Can be controlled with a GUI interface from a PC or Mac with the PCLK-MD1 connection kit and software (¥15,000).

Links: Sony's Japanese announcement of the unit. An English translation of Sony's MDS-W1 and MDS-JA22ES announcement.

Specs: S/N > 102dB (playback), Dynamic range: > 99dB, THD 0.003% .


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