Sony MDS-JE630

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Sony MDS-JE630Home MD deck
Intro: 6/1999 (? guess)
MSRP $360
IN: line, opticalx2. OUT: line, optical. Keyboard: PS/2430x95x280mm, 3.5kg

Features: Very similar to MDS-JE530 (below), but adds PS/2 keyboard connector (for titling), and CD-TEXT capability (via S-link).

(Courtesy Mitch P.) Many useful functions are available through the keyboard interface, e.g.:

  • Use the / (backslash) key on the keyboard to divide the track and get a track mark. This nice feature also allows you to preview your "division" before actually doing so.
  • Push the - (minus) key on the keyboard to delete a track.
  • Pushing the "cntrl" and "enter" keys on the keyboard instantly puts the JE630 in synchro-record mode.


User Manuals: MDS-JE630, MDS-JE630 courtesy Eric Whitney

Service Manual: MDS-JE630

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