Sony MDS-JB980

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Photos courtesy Tamás Kováts
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"Type-S "ATRAC Chip
Sony MDS-JB980Upper middle class NetMD Deck
Intro: 8/2002 (est)
£260 (est)
IN: line, optical, coax, OUT: line, optical, coax, headphones, DATA: USB430Wx108Hx285Dmm, 4.9Kg

Features: First ATRAC ``Type-S'' machine. NetMD and MDLP support. PS/2 keyboard input. Gold plated connectors. Torroidal R-Core transformer. Colors: Black and Silver. Only available in Europe?

ATRAC Type-S: "Type-S" apparently refers to a new chip containing an improved version of the ATRAC3 codec as well as the ATRAC1 Type-R codec; the combination of the two is called DSP Type-S. From Sony's information sheet: "The two new products MDS-JB980 and MDS-JE780 in the press announcement at CeBIT both adopt the newly developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) IC chip "CXD2664R." The CXD2664R chip has two DSP functions; one is ATRAC DSP and the other is ATRAC3 DSP. The ATRAC DSP, the TYPE-R algorithm which is the version of the highest grade, is adopted, and the highest sound quality can be obtained at the time of recording. And the ATRAC3 DSP, the algorithm of a newly developed DSP is adopted. It can reproduce the track recorded in MDLP mode in very high sound quality at the time of reproduction. This works in the same way for the disc recorded by other MDLP products. Sony calls the DSP functions of the CXD2664R chip "ATRAC/ATRAC3 DSP TYPE-S". In other words, "ATRAC/ATRAC3 DSP TYPE-S" is a combination of "ATRAC DSP (TYPE-R highest Version)" and "ATRAC3 DSP (newly developed)."

Notes: No Control-A1 jack, as with prior Sony home decks


Specs: 1-Bit current pulse S-TACT DAC, 1-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC (24 bit sampling), Frequency Response: 5-20kHz +/-0.3dB, SNR >100dB


User Manual: MDS-JB980

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