Sony MDS-JE630 Manual

scanned by Eric Whitney
Full Table of Contents
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Getting Started4
Before You Start The Hookup4
Hooking Up the Audio Components5

Location and Function of Parts8
Front Panel Parts Descriptions8
Remote Parts Descriptions10
Using the Display11

Recording on MDs14
Notes on Recording14
Recording on an MD15
Adjusting the Recording Level17
Recording Tips17
Marking Track Numbers While Recording (Track Marking)19
Starting Recording With Six Seconds of Prestored Audio Data (Time Machine Recording)20
Synchro-recording With the Audio Component of Your Choice (Music Synchro-recording)21
Synchro-recording With a Sony CD Player (CD Synchro-recording)21

Playing MDs23
Playing an MD23
Playing a Specific Track24
Locating a Particular Point in a Track25
Playing Tracks Repeatedly26
Playing Tracks in Random Order (Shuffle Play)27
Creating Your Own Program (Program Play)27
Tips for Recording From MDs to Tape29

Editing Recorded MDs30
Erasing Tracks31
Dividing Tracks33
Combining Tracks34
Moving Tracks35
Naming a Track or MD35
Undoing the Last Edit39

Other Functions40
Changing the Pitch (Pitch Control Function)40
Fade In and Fade Out41
Falling Asleep to Music (Sleep Timer)42
Using a Timer43

Operating the MD Deck Using a Keyboard45
Setting the Keyboard45
Naming a Track or MD Using the Keyboard46
Operating the Deck Through the Keyboard47
Assigning Characters to the Keyboard Keys48

Additional Information49
Handling MDs50
System Limitations50
Display Messages53
Edit Menu Table54
Setup Menu Table54
Self-Diagnosis Function55

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