August 25, 2000

"Charge stand" which can be easily charged only by putting main body

The MD headphone player < MD-ST66 > is newly put on the market.

Equipped with "Optical sign" function to inform of state of specification

Name of articles MD headphone player
Shape name MD-ST66
Standard price 32,000 yen (excluding tax)
Monthly production 30,000
Sale day September 1
Pet name MD-J

Sharp newly puts the MD headphone player < MD-ST66 > to which the color variation of four colors is arranged by a small size and a thin size on the market. The feature function such as "Optical sign" to be able to do the operation confirmation because of light when charging by "Charge stand" which was able to be charged only by putting the main body in addition to the reproduction for long time of compact and about continuousness 56 hours when [it] carried easily to outdoor and high brightness LED and operating it was installed.

< main feature >

1. The small size and making to the thin type were aimed at by consolidating the miniaturization of MD headphone player MD mechanism of a small size and a thin size and the composition parts, and a micro size of the MD jacket that (*suppori*) is installed on the pocket was achieved. Moreover, a light tone four color color variation can be arranged, [it] suit one's taste, and it be had to choose.

2. *** It is easily attached <the charge stand which can be charged> only by putting the main body in "Charge stand" portable telephone sense which can be charged easily <only putting>. The skeleton material adoption which shines as an interior design of the room is assumed to be a fashionable design.

3. High brightness LED ((*injikeitah*)) is arranged in the main body of "Optical sign" function front part where high brightness LED shines when charging and operating it. The operation situation is understood well, and the main body is produced fashionable because [it] blinks or [it] lights when charging and operating it.

4. The reproduction was achieved for long time of about 56 hours in using of the charge pond and the AA dry battery together and a continuous reproduction was achieved for long time of about 56 hours by using together about the charge pond and the AA alkali dry battery (1) by the adoption of making to the conserved electric power about the achievement picking up and LSI and mechanism, etc. and small nickel hydrogen charge pond.

5. The +/- power supply audio circuit installed in the component etc. in the amplifier equipped with the high pitched sound quality audio circuit of output (*kondensahres*) is adopted. The high pitched sound quality reproduction can be enjoyed because there is no output capacitor which leads to the tone quality deterioration.

As for portable MD demand in the country of 2000 fiscal year, about 3,020,000(109.0% of the ratio to the previous year) types only for the reproduction are forecast to 2,220,000 of about 74%(111.7% of the ratio to the previous year) among those. This machine improves easiness to use and the design further based on 'Reproduction for the small size and a long time'and proposes mainly young people in his twenties from the high school student widely.
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