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January 11, 2000

New commodity

Making the first in the world remote control cordless is achieved by portable MD. - "MD Walkman" sale which can be operated by wristwatch type remote control


Portable mini-disc player �eMZ-E7W'

The Sony marketing (The president:���G(unknown word) and headquarters:(Inc.)Tokyo port district) achieves making of the first remote control in the world cordless as portable MD, and puts "MD Walkman" �eMZ-E7W' which can be operated as a cordless remote controller of the wristwatch type on the market.

Type nameSale dayPrice (excluding tax)ColorFirst monthly production
Portable mini-disc player
"MD Walkman only for reproduction"
January 2142,000 yenBlack10,000

This machine achieved making of remote control cordless for the first time as portable MD in the world. *** A novel wristwatch design is adopted, and a pleasant operation from at hand is possible. listen to music from the surrounding of the liquid crystal display with distributed lever and operation button remote control. The liquid crystal display of the wristwatch type remote control can display the operation situation and the name of a song of MD by the switch not to mention the time display. The calendar, the stopwatch, and the alarm function, etc. are installed in the function of the clock. The color of the wristwatch type remote control adopts the same color as the main body black, and produces the dressing up feeling. Because the main body and the headphone are wired, the high sound quality of MD can be enjoyed as it is.
Moreover, because the lid on opens when "one-touch eject mechanism" of the favorable comment is installed, and the opening button is pushed, and the disk dashes out to the outside, the disk change can be done to the main body easily with the main body put in the pocket and backing.
A new usage of "MD Walkman" is proposed by installing of the wristwatch type remote control to which MD can be operated more pleasantly.

- The Sony melody as portable MD at the first in the world.

- Main feature

1. Portable MD is the first in the world. - Making remote control cordless is achieved.
*** The separation made (*S) become independent <remote control which was> completely on the way of the headphone code. As a result, a variegated operation was able to be done easily by remote control at hand, and the operation feeling which not was before was achieved. Moreover, the high sound quality of MD can be enjoyed as it is because wired between the headphone and the main body.
- The Sony melody as portable MD at the first in the world.

2. Wristwatch type remote control by which operativeness and fashion are pursued
Various operation buttons were distributed to surroundings of the liquid crystal display, and a novel design and operativeness were pursued. If the lever is moved right and left, the reproduction which is a basic operation of MD and the head putting out of the tune can be easily made. Moreover, the volume adjustment, the mode switch, and lighting the backing light can be done with the operation button. It is easy to inform of the communication situation by the mark, and to use it because the number of character displays is wide displays of nine characters.

3. Variegated clock function equipment
The remote control of the attachment is equipped with a variegated function as the clock like the alarm etc. to which other calendars (date/day of the week) not to mention the time display, stopwatches, and time can be set up to three. Anxiously and it is possible to use it even because of some drops of water because JIS �h�H(unknown word) II type specification.

4. Equipped with "one-touch eject mechanism" of favorable comment that putting disk in and out is easy
The disk can be easily put in and out by installing of "(*wantatchiijekt*) mechanism". It is possible to take it out easily by the disk's the above cabinet's opening at the same time when the opening button on the side is pushed, and dashing out to the outside.

5. Other features
  • Continuous reproduction about 40 hours possible, long batteries
  • Equipped with ����(unknown word) guard memory of about 40 seconds
  • For interference decrease by two kinds of channel setting
  • Play mode function that tune repetition and all tune repetition and shuffle repetition reproduction can be enjoyed
  • Gently to the ear; *** Pleasant volume switch (AVLS=Automatic Volume Limiter System) which controls the limit. automatic the volume by which <trouble> ��(unknown word) leakage to surroundings is suppressed
  • ; The bass with which power overflows can be enjoyed equipped with DIGITAL MEGA BASS.

- Main specification

FormMini-disc digital audio system
Reproduction reading methodNon-contact optics reading (semiconductor laser use)
Number of channelsStereo two channels/monaural one channel
Sampling rate44.1kHz
Voice compression methodATRAC(Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding)
Frequency characteristic20�`20,000Hz�}3dB
(*waufurattah*)Below measurement limit value
Transportation frequency239.54MHz
Output terminalHeadphone (stereo mini-Jack) maximum output level 5mW+5mW
Power supplyMain body:Rechargeable nickel metal-hydride battery �eNH-14WM' �~1 (attachment)
AA type dry battery �~1 (optional)
Remote control:Lithium battery �eCR2032' �~1 (attachment)
Battery duration
Main body:(1) Nickel metal-hydride rechargeable (1)For about 15 hours
(2) Sony alkali AA dry battery (1)For about 21 hours
When (2) is used together with (1)For about 40 hours
Remote control:Lithium battery �eCR2032' (1 piece)(for about three months��)
(-) About three months when operating it about 60 times a day every day.
In the use only of the clock, it is possible to use it for about one year.
Charge timeFor about 1.5 hours
Externals sizeAbout 87.0�~22.0�~76.0 Mm *(width �~ height �~ interior taking) maximum projection does not include it.
MassAbout 149g(The disk only for the charge pond and the reproduction contains it) when about 106g is used the main body.
Attached goodsHeadphone (1), cordless controller (1), rechargeable nickel metal-hydride battery (1), charger (1), lithium battery (1), dry battery case (1), (*battery carrying case*) (1), and (*carrying pouch*) (1)

- Inquiries from customer:
Customer consultation center Tokyo:03-5448-3311 Nagoya:052-232-2611 Osaka:06-6539-5111

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