Russian MD Scene

From           Alex <[email protected]>
Organization   Private person (St.Petersburg)
Date           Tue, 14 May 1996 21:30:52 -0700
Subject	       Re: MiniDisc - Why not popular?
Hello from Russia.

Don't know about Moscow, but in St. Petersburg I never see MD in the special stores. On the market (black market) one clear MD cost $50, and recordered disc with you favorite music - $100 and more. Also, I installed MD head units only twice during 1995. They were excellent systems: real speakers, amps - but not the MD head. Not really live sound, not wide dynamic range - it's my opinion. One of these customers came back after two week to change MD to CD. And another one - most cheaper Sony MDs cost more than $1,600. I never sell MD to my customers myself - Russians don't like "New Technology".

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Another Russian Replies

Hello Eric!

My name is Rash, I'm from Moscow (Russia).

I just read the article "Russian MD scene" and want to correct this expired information.

I don't know the situation in St. Petersburgh in 1996. Instead I want to tell you about present-day situation in Moscow.

You can find MD equipment at ~80% of local CE stores. Prices are not so high: Sony JE520 deck is under $300, JE700 is $350-400. You can also find various MD blanks (I already have Sony, TDK, BASF, Maxell, Panasonic, Konica...) for under $3 (last time I paid $2.3).

MD technology becomes very popular in Russia, so PLEASE REMOVE this terrible article from your site and NEVER think Russians don't like new technologies - it's not true!

I think Sony MiniDisc is a most interesting CE technology of the decade and I like it!

Best regards...............Rash

Yet another Russian replies, Sept 2003

Hello there!

Saw the two letters from Russia and would like to say that I absolutely agree with the 2nd letter (except one - not BASF, but EMTEC:-)) - there is no problem to buy MD equipment in Russia (at least Moscow), but would say that players are more popular than decks or MD mini/microsystems. Though for our SONY (or other) departments takes a bit longer than in other countries to announce new series of equipment legally, nevertheless they do. Meanwhile markets are teeming with these products, so people are very familiar to this "novelty". I think the same is in St. Petersburg. Even more: the situation in 1996 didn't differ greatly from this time.

So you wouldn't be mistaken if remove Alex's letter. Pity that someone who read this would have thought it is true.

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