Recording Weather Satellites with MiniDisc

I, like a number of others, use a mini-disk to record the transmissions from polar orbiting weather satellites. We use these to create real-time images of the earth and atmosphere as the satellites pass overhead. The results are pretty impressive!

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Using a relatively low-cost receiver and antenna, we record these transmissions for later demodulation using our computer soundcards and dedicated software (Timestep Prosat32).

The advantage of using a mini-disk is that a computer - and particularly, a computer screen - can give out RF interference which will interfere with our very sensitive receivers and will corrupt the resulting image. Recording to mini-disk gives you perfect, interference-free images every time.

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Ref: A user manual for the Sea Tel Weather-at-Sea Dual WeSat Systems satellite weather image receiver, which includes a PC and the Prosat32 software.

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