Sony MZ-R50

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Sony MZ-R50Portable Recorder
Intro: 10/1997
MSRP:¥48,000, street:¥39,000
IN: mic, line/optical. OUT: headpho nes, line. DC IN: 6V109.5x19.7x77mm, 190g (240g pocket weight)

Features: ATRAC 4 (IC: CXD2652AR) Approximately 70% the volume of the MZ-R30, 16Mbit DRAM provides 40 seconds of shock proof memory. Syncho-start recording for digital input signals. New ``stick controller'' type remote with normal stereo mini-jack for headphones. Stick controller provides all the functions of the MZ-R30 remote plus control of play mode and display mode. Scrolling display on remote shows time elapsed (not time remaining), track title, MD title and time recorded (not date recorded). Remainder of display on remote shows the track number (alternating with total tracks on the MD), a little flashing disk icon, play mode, battery level, and REC for when you are recording. Digital bass boost, position pointer, date and time stamp recording. Selectable microphone sensitivity (HIGH/LOW). Repeat modes: all repeat, 1 repeat, shuffle. AA cells are used with included external drycell case. Available in blue, orange and silver. Optional car mount kit: CPM-MZ6VK (includes mounting plate that attaches to screw hole at rear of MZ-R50, the mounting plate then snaps in and out of a base mount that one attaches to car interior with included velcro strap). Line outut rating: 194mV, 10Kohms. Considered by many to be the pinnacle of Sony's Minidisc development in terms of ruggedness and usability [except for the presence of END-SEARCH].

Parts: MD-Mechanism Type: MT-MZR50-143, Optical Pick-up Type: KMS-280A

Notes: The MZ-R50 has no FAST playback function, but the unit has a FAST indicator on the LCD (you can see it if you look at the LCD in oblique light) because it is the same LCD used in the MZ-B3 (dictation recorder), which has the FAST playback function.

Tips: When titling a track or disc you can hit the play button to quickly go the first character of the different subcategories (foreign characters, A-Z, a-z, 0-9), the ``erase'' button will backspace over the previous character, and the ``end search'' button will insert a character space in the title. The degree symbol can be inserted by doing this: 1) Display a capital letter with the cursor on that letter. 2) Press ERASE. 3) Without pushing anything else, dial down 5 slots, and after the apostrophe, the degree sign will be displayed.

"SuperHold" function: If you push "TITLE/ENTER" so the recorder goes into track name editing mode, then slide the "HOLD" into hold mode, now everything is hold, player as well as remote! -Bo

It seems that the remote for Sony's high end CD Walkmans (D-E01/D-EJ01) will function properly with the MZ-R50 (and most likely Sony's other MD portables), including the backlight function.



Looking for an MZ-R50?: Amerinet is selling the MZ-R50 for $250 new. You can also search for one on eBay.

Notes: New ``stick controller'' remote can also be used with R30, R4ST, E30, E50, EP10, and EP11 (but there are some functions that you can't use). MSRP is ¥6,000.

User Manuals: MZ-R50, HTML, J/E

Service Manual: MZ-R50

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
LiIon LIP-87 hr4 hr2 hr (80%); 3 hr (Full)
AA x 212 hr5 hr
Both22 hr12 hr

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