Sony MZ-G750

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Sony MZ-G750Portable MD recorder with built-in AM/FM tuner
Intro: 1/2001

IN: optical/line, mic. DC IN: 3V
OUT: line/ headphones
81W x 28H x 75D mm, 118g (144g w/batt)

Features: Similar to MZ-R700 but includes AM/FM tuner (in remote). MDLP capable, G-Protection anti-shock, digital and analog recording level control, Manual End Search/Auto End Search. Tuner contained entirely within LCD remote control, hence cannot record from tuner. Internally the MZ-G750 differs from MZ-R700, containing 5 additional ICs and several circuitry changes (see the service manual for details).

Manufacturer's Specs:

  • MDLP recording and playback
  • Up To 48Hrs Battery Life
  • Digital FM/AM Built in Tuner Remote (DOES NOT RECORD FROM THE RADIO)
  • MDLP Long time stereo recording (up to 320 min. recording) and playback
  • Jacket sized light-weight MD recorder
  • Takes 1 x AA battery
  • Easy Pop Up Eject mechanism
  • Digital Recording Level Control
  • Manual Recording Level Setting
  • Record mode setting (SP/LP/LP2/MONO)
  • End search/Auto end search
  • Track Mark ON/OFF (Divide/Combine)
  • Erase (1/ALL) / MOVE / Character Input
  • Digital Mega Bass

User comments: Mark Litgenstein: The MZ-G750 is exactly the same size as the MZ-R700, the only difference is the headphone out, which comes with power out to power the remote. The remote includes the radio, the player doesn't. So you can't listen to the radio without the remote, but you can listen to MD without the remote. I can really recommend this unit. It's not cheap, but the radio is a very welcome addition.



Specs: 5mW+5mW headphone output.

User Manual: MZ-G750

Service Manuals: MZ-G750, MZ-G750

Battery LifePlayRecordRadio
Alkaline AA x 136/42/48 hr9/13/16 hr28.5 hr
NiCd (NC-WMAA) x 111.5/14/16 hr4/6/7.5 hr9.5 hr

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