Sony MZ-R55

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Aiwa AM-F70 & MZ-R55
Sony MZ-R55Portable Recorder
Intro: 10/1998
MSRP ¥46,000
Street ¥36,000
Init. Mo. Prod: 70,000 units
IN: line/optical, mic. OUT: line, headphone, DC in: 3V78.9 x 18.9 x 84mm, 147g (190g w/disc and NH-14WM rechargeable),

Features: ATRAC 4 (IC: CXD2652AR). Unit is small, 75% the volume of the MZ-R50. 40 sec shock memory, backlit remote "stick controller" with 9 character display (vs. 6 in previous versions). Operation, editing and track labelling functions available on remote as well as main body. Titling may be done while recording is in progress. Clamshell opens via pushbutton (rather than slider). Two step bass boost. Selectable microphone sensitivity (HIGH/LOW). First recorder with 1.2V drive. Uses NiMH gumpack rechargeable (NH-14WM). Available in gold, blue, yellow.

Sony announces the upcoming release of a USB to MiniDisc connection kit that will be bundled with the MZ-R55.

Parts: MD-Mechanism Type: MT-MZR55-161, Optical Pick-up Type: KMS-280A

Mis-features: Contrary to what is stated in the manual, the battery cannot be recharged while the unit is in use. When the unit is in the ``stopped'' state, pressing the stop button will start the battery charging. In manual recording level mode, unit must be paused to change the level setting (as with all Sony portables).

Notes: The MZ-R55's remote can be used with the MZ-R50, but in this case the backlight is inoperative (only the MZ-R55 emits the command codes needed to control the backlight). The MZ-R55 remote is completely interchangeable with the MZ-R37 remote. -Gerald Tomyn

Tips: Take special care to close the rechargeable battery compartment hatch carefully and completely; the plastic tabs at the corners have been known to break when they are not grasped completely by the metal hook edge inside the player.

Problems: Hoshing Kwong describes a circuit board fix for the Sony MZ-R55 self recording-start problem.


Specs: 16 bit ADC/DAC, Headphone amp: 5mW+5mW


User Manuals: MZ-R55, HTML

Service Manual: MZ-R55

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
NiMH NH-14WM4 hr2.5 hr3 hr
AA x 210 hr5 hr
Both16 hr9.5 hr

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