Sony MZ-R2

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Sony MZ-R2portable recorder
Intro: 12/1993 (US: 4/1994)
msrp: $750
in: optical line, mic. out: line, hdphn. DC IN: 6V84 x 29.9 x 106.8mm, 310g (w/batt) (3/8" x 1 3/16" x 4 1/4")

Features: ATRAC 2. 10-second shock-resistant memory. Stereo headphones w/remote. Only allows simple editing operations: track mark, track erase and end search (no track move or titling). Bass boost. Battery life indicator. AGC and manual recording level. AC adapter, carrying case. Cannot manually change recording level during recording. No mono recording, no smart-space.

Tips: To set unit in manual recording level mode: Press the red record button to the right and HOLD IT for a few seconds, ``Manual Rec'' will appear on the display. Set the record level using the `<<' or `>>' buttons before pressing `pause' to start recording again. The level cannot be changed whilst recording, only whilst in `pause'. ``Erase All'' function can be accomplished by seeking to track one and entering record mode, without first pushing ``End Search''.


Components: (ATRAC IC: CXD-2531AR, Shock proof controller: CXD-2526AR, EFM ACIRC encoder/decoder: CXD-2525R, ADIP demodulator: CXA-1380N, Servo signal processor: CXA-1620R, RF amp: CXA-1861R)


User Manuals: MZ-R2, MZ-R2 Japanese and English

Service Manual: MZ-R2

Battery LifePlayRecord
2.5 hr2 hr
AA x 32.5 hr2 hr
Both6.5 hr

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