Sony MZ-R5ST

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Sony MZ-R5STportable recorder w/docking station
Intro: 11/1997
MSRP ¥72,000
base: in: optical x 2, line, out: optical, line, headphones, active speakers. portable: in: mic, out: headphonesbase: 232x61x154mm, 970g. portable: 109.5x20.1x77mm, 185g (235g pocket weight)

Features: First wide bit stream portable (but wide bit stream available only when using base). Portable has 10 second shock memory. IR ``card'' remote. Edit point accuracy of 60ms with rehearsal mode. 2 second time machine recording. Digital syncho start recording. Sampling rate converter. ``Stick controller'' remote. Base has headphone as well as speaker jack. Active speaker jack volume level can be controlled with I/R remote. Undo. Date and time stamp recording. Program play. Timer rec/playback with external timer. Buttons and display prompts in English. No jog dial or power jack on remote. (Note that the portable unit is not equivalent to the MZ-R50, they are completely different units).

Parts: MD-Mechanism Type: MT-MZR50-143, Optical Pick-up Type: KMS-280A/J2N

Links: Sony's page R5ST announcement and its hasty English summary. Nic Boyde's pictures and information on the unit. John Lawrence's review of the unit. The Korean MD page posts a Korean review and good closeup snapshots of the MZ-R5ST.

Specs: S/N (with base) >92dB analog, >96dB digital. Dynamic range: >92dB (analog), >96dB digital.


User Manual: J/E

Service Manuals: MZ-R5ST, training

Battery LifePlayRecord
LiIon LIP-85.5 hr3.5 hr
AA x 29 hr4.5 hr
NiMH x 2 (external)6.5 hr4.5 hr
LiIon + AA x 216 hr8 hr
LiIon + NiMH x 213 hr8 hr

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