Sony MZ-E35

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Sony MZ-E35Portable player
Intro: 10/1997
MSRP ¥40,000, street:¥32,000
out: headphone, pwr: 1.5V82.5x19.1x80mm, 115g, (pocket weight: 155g)

Features: 40 second shock memory. Playing time: NiMH gumpack: 6 hours 1 AA cell: 12 hours, both together: 16 hours. (Martin Clinton ([email protected]) conducted a controlled experiment and achieved a playing time of 7:40 with a single 1400mAh NiMH battery.)

Comments: The E35 is an interesting evolution of the E30. The E35's dimensions would be nearly identical to an E30 with its rear battery bulge shaved off. Simply as a design statement however, the E35 is not necessarily an improvement. Whereas the E30 belonged to the ``windswept stone'' school of design, bearing sensuous curves that made it a pleasure to hold, the E35 is more of the ``technobrick'' school. Its surfaces are dead flat, and its edges are surprisingly sharp. In an interesting twist, the LCD display and controls are on the rear surface, and instead of the traditional hold switch, the [tiny] stop, seek, play and volume buttons are under a sliding ``hold shutter'', quite similar to the one the edit controls were hidden under on the MZ-R2. Finally, the ``open'' button is a simple push-button (much like a CD player), not a sliding button as on all other Sony's to date. -eaw

Links: Sony's Japanese page for the unit and it's English translation. An MZ-E35 review from CNET. Nic Boyde's snaphots of the Sony MZ-E35. Tugrul Tanyol has conducted a comparison of the Sony MZ-E35 and Sharp ST501 portable MD players. Matt Cervi has made a detailed Sony MZ-E35 Test Mode page. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit. A user writes a comparison review between the Sony MZ-E35 and MZ-E2. A user writes a comparison review between the Sony MZ-E35 and Panasonic SJ-MJ70.


User Manuals: MZ-E35, J/E

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