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Sony's latest portable player.

Newer lighter slimmer version of the MZ-E30. And much better.

The package contains: machine, headphones, "stick" LCD remote, dry cell battery case, soft bag, warranty (claims in Japan only) manual including English section, rechargeable NiH NH9WM battery, AA dry cell battery, 100V AC battery charger. (Works on 110V current, apparently. Caveat emptor).

The machine features a very small LCD on the back(!) which does not show track information. At first I couldn't even see any controls, but these are also on the back panel, hidden beneath a very slick sliding screen that serves as a feature "hold" and is equivalent to the sliding switch on the remote.

Some technical information:
Battery life: NiH Battery: 6h, AA dry cell battery 8h, both together:16h
Output 5mW per channel
82.5 x 19.1 x 80mm
115g empty, 140g with battery

List Price JPY40,000

Uses the standard miniplug headphone. No more fiddling with the micro-plugs.


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