Sony MZ-E33

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Sony MZ-E33Portable MD player
Intro: 10/1998
MSRP ¥31,000
Init mo. prod. 50,000 units
OUT: headphone80 x 17.3 x 92mm, 113g (155g w/disc and NH-MDAA cell)

Features: Main function buttons on reverse side. 10 second shock memory. Non-backlit stick remote. Battery compartment accepts gumpack orAA cell. Included rechargeable cell: NH-MDAA (NiMH in AA form factor). Available in [silver-toned] gold, blue and black. Headphones for US model are MDR-A34 (folding, over-the-head style).

Parts: MD-Mechanism Type: MT-MZE55-150, Optical Pick-up Type: ODX-1A/1B

Links: Sony's Japanese announcement and photos of the MZ-R55, MZ-E55 and MZ-E33 portables. A Sony announcement stating that the MZ-E33 player and the MZ-R37 recorder will be released in the US in February. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit. Sony's MD Bundle 6 (MDS-JE330 + MZ-E33) has a $50 rebate (pages 1 and 2). (Todd Lynch points out Sony Bundle 6 coverage at Crutchfield.) Calum Tsang's well rounded review of the unit.


User Manual: MZ-E33

Service Manual: MZ-E33

Battery LifePlayRecharge
NH-14WM Gumpack7 hr? hr
NH-9WM Gumpack6.5 hr? hr
NH-MDAA (AA form factor)8 hr3 hr
Alkaline AA x 19.5 hr

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