Sony MZ-E710

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Sony MZ-E710portable MD player
Intro: 11/2002
OUT: headphones71.5 x 77.9 x 13.9mm (73.4 x 80 x 17.0 w/protrusions), 66g (body only), 93g (w/battery)

Features: Unit features several changes from previous (MZ-E707) model:

  • Digital Amp
  • 6 band equalizer.
  • VPT (Virtual Phones Technology) uses DSP to provide "Studio, Club, Live, or Arena" effects.
  • New (yet again) backlit LCD stick remote with jog lever and 6 character display.
  • "Bookmark track" function allows up to 20 favorite tracks on a disk to be selected for playback. Selected tracks are forgotten when lid is opened.
  • "New" Play modes, including program play.
  • Digital Pitch Control (playback speed adjustable from -50% to +100% without pitch change).

Features common to previous units:

  • G-protection.
  • Personal disc memory (remembers equalizer settings on a per disc basis)
  • Beep on/off selectable.
  • One-touch eject.
  • 3 color info LED.
  • Melody timer (for avoiding missed train stops)
  • Available in silver, blue, pink and brown.
(See Sony portables glossary for definitions of these features).


Included Accessories: Rechargeable battery, Remote control, Headphones (earbuds), Recharging stand, Attachable drycell (AA) case, Carrying pouch, AC adapter.

Specs: Headphone amp: 5+5mW into 16 ohms (JEITA)


Service Manual: MZ-E710

Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH36/46/56 hr3.5 hr
AA x 160/77/93 hr
Both96/123/148 hr

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