Sony MDX-G55MK2

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Sony MDX-G55MK2AM/FM/MDLP in-dash receiver
Intro: 10/2000
MSRP ¥70,000
1 DIN, 178x50x179mm, 1.1kg

Features: First MDLP car unit. ATRAC with Type-R DSP for non MDLP tracks. Dynamic Soundstage Organizer (DSO) (allows apparent sound field position to be adjusted with respect to listener). Hi res FL (fluoroluminescent) dot front panel. Independent high and low pass filters for front, rear and sub-woofer. Couples to G44MK2 CD player with digital connection. Includes rotary controller and wireless remote.

Links: Sony's Japanese announcement of the unit.

Specs: Operates in Japanese FM band only (76-90MHz), AM band: 522-1629KHz, SNR: >95dB, Amp: 45W x 4, Power consumption: 10 amps.


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