Sony MDX-C8500X

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Sony MDX-C8500Xcar MD reciever
Intro: 4
$450 (street)
4-volt preout (x3)DIN

Features: 10-second anti-shock memory, HX DSP - digital EQ with presets and 7-band equaliser, wireless remote control, flip-down detachable face with multicolor display, CD/MD changer/TV controls, Custom File Memory, MD titles and CD Text, multi-language display (English/Spanish/French).

European model (C8500R) is visually different, has DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Control, RDS/EON tuner, a 4x40W max amplifier and does not have the wireless remote control.

Links: Sony UK page. Crutchfield's page selling the unit. Ed Porras makes a handsome review of the Sony MDX-C8500X.

Specs: Maximum output 50W x 4 (19W x 4 RMS), FM sensitivity 8 dBf, FM 18/MW 6/LW 10 station presets


User Manuals: MDX-C8500R, MDX-C8500X

Service Manual: MDX-C8500X

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