Sony MDX-C670RDS


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Sony MDX-C670RDSIn-dash MD/AM/FM stereo
Intro: 1
street DM630
out: Speakers, pre-amp

Features: RDS (Radio Data System -- automatically acquires alternate signal for station (if available) when current signal is weak. Also tracks highway information and pauses music when information broadcasts are made) 40 presets (20FM, 10AM, 10LW). Equipped with a "rotary commander" for safe operation while driving. Rotary jog-dial on the unit itself used to adjust the volume. CD Disc Memo (requires CD changer with custom file function). MD/CD changer control. Cellular telephone auto mute. Bass/treble - balance/fader control - loudness. 10 character display for MD titles, which auto scrolls. Only 6 sec. shock resistant meory. Multi color display, similar form as the XR-C900 (white characters on black background, multi selector), although no flip-down front. "CD-custom file" and "CD-text". No remote sensor. Detachable face. Wired remote. 2 sets of preamp outputs.

Availability in North America:

  • Crutchfield, Speed and Sound Electronics in NY 1-800-647-6863 or 718 531-1300, price: $404.95
  • Auto Sound Design in Ontario (416) 226-5775, price: CN$557.
  • Audio Worx. From USA call (888) 843 9679, from other places (905) 898-6715, price: Cn$480. Email: [email protected].

Links: A user's review of this unit (including some comments on installation).

Specs: Amp: 13W RMS/35W peak X 4, MD SNR 90dB, FM sens. 8dBf


User Manual: MDX-C670

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