Sony MDX-60

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Sony MDX-60In-dash 6 MD changer option
Intro: 1
MSRP $720
176 x 84 x 125mm, 1.1Kg

Features: ATRAC 3. One disc can remain in play while others are changed.

Links: Sony Page info (translated), Sony Japan Page info. Kenwood (Japanese) Page info. Kenwood Italy's page. Crutchfield carrys this unit and has more info on it.

User comments: (regarding the MDX-61 follow on unit) I have to say that the MDX-61 MD changer is the most wonderful car stereo component I've ever owned! I love the shuffle play - it doesn't repeat (unlike my CDX-81 CD changer that I exchanged for the MDX-61) and there is almost never a delay between songs, even when changing discs (thanks, 10 second memory!). It is such a joy to load it up with 6 discs, press shuffle play, and get over 7 hours of non-repeating music. It's like listening to a radio station that only plays songs you like! I wish there was a home MD changer...
-Fred Hamilton ([email protected])


User Manual: MDX-60

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