Sony MDX-C8900

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Sony MDX-C8900Car MD receiver
Intro: 7/1998
MSRP $600

Features: 10 second shock resistant memory. Wide Bit Stream processing. SSIR-EX Adaptive Reception tuner. Voice Confirmation of control input. Fold down detachable front panel. Program play mode. Optional wireless remote (RM-X47)

Links: Cameron Croft's page for the Sony MDX-C8900.

Specs: MD section: Signal-to-noise ratio: 90db, Frequency response: 10-20,000 Hz Tuner: Usable sensitivity 8dBf Selectivity 75 dB at 400kHz Signal-to-noise 65dB (stereo) 68dB(mono) Separation 35dB at 1kHz Frequency Response 30-15,000 Hz

Amplifier: 45x4 at 4 ohms 19Watts continuous average power, no more than 1% THD.


User Manuals: MDX-C8900, MDX-C8900R

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