Sony MDS-JB940

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Sony MDS-JB940Home MD Deck
Intro: 9/2000
MSRP ¥69,000
IN: line, optical (x2), coax, PS/2 keyboard.
OUT: headphone, line, optical, coax
430wx110hx287d mm, 5.3Kg

Features: Upper middle class home MD deck. ATRAC with Type-R DSP, MDLP recording modes, and Scale Factor Edit plus variable coefficient anti-aliasing filter. A new USB based PC-Link kit, the PCLK-MN10 (MSRP: ¥15,000), was announced with this unit for audio transfer (via the deck's digital optical input) and control (editing, titling, playback, etc.) from a PC (audio input from MD to PC is [still] not supported). TOC Cloning possible.


Links: Sony's MDS-JB940, MDS-JE640 and MDS-S50 announcement (machine translation) Information and zoomable photos of the Sony MDS-JB940 at MDland (UK). Video Direct and Crutchfield's pages for the unit. Crutchfield's has a page for this unit. Planet MiniDisc has a list of the MDS-JB940 features and specs.

Specs: SNR > 100dB, Dynamic range: > 98dB, THD: <.003%, 24bit delta-sigma ADC, Current pulse DAC.

User Manuals: MDS-JB940, template for Keyboard functions

Service Manual: MDS-JB940

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