Sony MDS-302/S30

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Sony MDS-302
Sony MDS-S30
Home MD Deck
Intro: 10/1995 (? guess)
MSRP $700
in: optical, line. out: optical, line, hdphn.430(W) x 97.5(H) x 292.0(D) mm

Features: ATRAC-3, smart space, auto cut, record, pause. 18-bit digitial playback filter. Remote controller: RM-D3M.

Specs: S/N of 96 dB (compared with the S/N of 90 dB for the Sony DTC-790 DAT deck, 92 dB for the DTC-60ES DAT deck, and 94 dB for the DTC-2000ES Sony ES series DAT deck).

Comments: In Japan, the MDS-302 was taken over by the MDS-303 at the end of '95. And also, MDS-S30 was taken over by the MDS-S35 at the same time. But no significant difference between 302/S30 and 303/S35 (very slight design change). -Takeshi SASAKI

Links: Sony Page info. An MDS-302 Owner's Comments. All Pro Sound carries this unit, as does Wholesale Connection. Sony Canada page. The Star (in Malaysia) has a review of the MDS-302. Johnathan Woithe has a brief page describing his problems with the MDS-S30.


User Manuals: MDS-302, MDS-302

Service Manuals: MDS-302, SUP-1, SUP-2

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