Sony MDS-JB730

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Sony MDS-JB730Home MD Deck
Intro: 6/1999 (? guess)
IN: line, optical, coax. OUT: line, optical, coax. Control-A1?

Features: Model is Europe-only(?). Type-R DSP ATRAC. Special REC Level knob (not AMS) allows easy setting of both analog and digital levels (also settable from remote). Pitch control on front panel allows pitch change during playback (range of 2% to 112% of normal speed). Pressing PITCH CONTROL once changes to PITCH STEPS with 12 steps per octave, pressing twice changes to PITCH FINE with steps of 0.1% When current speed is different from normal speed, the PITCH CONTROL key lights on. (cf. JE530: No PITCH CONTROL key. The function works in a similar way, but it's accessible only from SETUP MENU.) Stereo/mono rec switch. Settable output level. No PC keyboard titling connector. FADER key on remote only. Remote: RM-D15M (same as one with MDS-JE520). TOC-cloning possible.


Service Manual: MDS-JB730

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