Sony MDS-JA333ES

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Sony MDS-JA333ESHigh-end MD deck
Intro: 10/2000
MSRP ¥100,000 / $1000
IN: TOSLink (x2), Coax (x1), RCA (x1)
OUT: TOSLink (x1), Coax (x1), RCA (x1)
430 x 124 x 376 mm, 10.5 kg

Features: ATRAC with Type-R DSP, MDLP recording modes (ATRAC3), Scale Factor Edit, digital and analog record level control, variable coefficient digital output filter, digital record level adjustment, 6 second Time Machine recording capability, sampling rate converter. PC connectable using PCLK-MD1 or PCLK-MD2 kit.

Links: Sony's Japanese page for this unit (machine translation). A Sony MDS-JA333ES flyer (page1, page2) is scanned in.

Specs: 24bit Sigma-Delta ADC, 24bit current-pulse DAC (S-TACT IC, with 128x oversampling), SNR: > 106dB, Dynamic Range > 106dB, THD .0025%


User Manual: MDS-JA333ES

Service Manual: MDS-JA333ES

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