Kenwood 1090MD

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All, DM-VH7, SG7, MD-203, DMF-5020, 3020, 9020/MD-2070, 7020, 1090MD, DM-5090, 3090, 1050MD, 9090, 7090, S500, DMF-7002, DM-F70, 7080, 1001, SE9, SE7

Kenwood 1090MDMD Deck
Intro: 11/1998 (? guess)
IN: line, optical, coax. OUT: line, optical, coax

Features: Sony ATRAC 4.5, Kenwood D.R.I.V.E. (interpolation). Mono recording. 24 bit DAC and ADC. Digital record level control and auto fade. CD-Text transfer via Direct Digital Connection. Programmable 32 track playback. 14 segment record level meter. Sampling rate converter.

Improvements compared with Kenwood 1050MD: 24 bit vs 20 bit DAC/ADC. 1090MD D.R.I.V.E. adds "High bit (wide bit stream?), record and play (vs. just record?)". CD-Text transfer.

Links: Kenwood's page for the unit.


User Manual: 1090MD

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