Kenwood DMF-9020/MD-2070

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All, DM-VH7, SG7, MD-203, DMF-5020, 3020, 9020/MD-2070, 7020, 1090MD, DM-5090, 3090, 1050MD, 9090, 7090, S500, DMF-7002, DM-F70, 7080, 1001, SE9, SE7

MD-2070 (1000x374)
Kenwood DMF-9020
Kenwood MD-2070
Home MD Deck
Intro: 6/1999 (? guess)
MSRP 1299DM/$595
IN: line, optical x 2, coax. OUT: line, optical, coax, headphones. Keyboard: PS/2. Control: Kenwood SL16 1/8" phone jack x 217-5/16"W x 4-15/16"H x 13-3/4"D

Features: Sony ATRAC-System 4.5, 24 Bit REC D.R.I.V.E. II, 24 bit DAC (AD 1855), 24 bit ADC (Crystal CS5360). Can be coupled to PC keyboard for titling. Gold plated connectors. Sound synchro-start recording. Autocut on silence during digital or analog recording. 6 second time machine. 10 second shock memory. 32-track program play/random play/disc repeat/track repeat functions. Can title from CD-TEXT information when coupled to suitable Kenwood CD player. "Title copy" function simplifies oft repeated word entry. Digital recording level control and settable fade in/fade out times. "Quick move" function allows new track program to be set in one step. "Quick erase" function allows multiple tracks to be deleted at once. Mono recording capability. Can be used with an external AC timer for timer recording/play functions.

Variants: European model is DMF-9020, US model is MD-2070.


Specifications: SNR: > 112dB, Freq. Resp. 8-20kHz


User Manual: DMF-9020

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