Kenwood DM-9090

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Kenwood DM-9090High End MD Deck
Intro: 9/1998 (? guess)
MSRP ¥125,000
in: optical, coax x 2, line. out: optical, coax, line, hdphn.440x130x373mm, 10.2Kg

Features: Sony ATRAC 4.5, 24 bit D/A, 20 bit A/D. Recording gain knob for digital (-inf to +12dB) as well as analog input. Auto fade-in/fade-out on digital recording with adjustable fade times. Will automatically title tracks when digitally recording new ``CD-text'' labelled CDs (the CD player must be equipped to output CD-text information). 20 bit REC D.R.I.V.E (interpolation from 16 to 20 bits). Sampling rate converter. In addition to normal MD editing functions, provides "quick erase", and "quick move" functions which allow multiple tracks to be selected and then deleted or moved. Editing preview (rehearse) function. Undo function. Mono recording. Adjustable threshold for auto track marking function. Program mode playback available from remote only. Can be used with optional CT-G90 ``cybertitler'' keyboard/label maker (¥32,000).

Links: Kenwood's Japanese page page for this unit. Christopher Lloyd has made a good review of the Kenwood DM9090 deck. A brief Kenwood brochure (pdf) from Comdex gives preliminary info for their IEEE 1394 fitted DM-9090 MD deck. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.

Specs: (all EIAJ, at playback time) Freq. resp: 8-20kHz, S/N: >110dB, Dynamic range: > 98dB, THD: <.004% (@1kHz), Channel separation: >105dB (@1kHz), Wow, +/-.001% peak. Input impedence: line: 500mv/22kOhm, Output level, impedence: 2v/0.3kOhm, headphones: 20mw/32 Ohm, digital input: coax: 0.5vp-p/75 Ohm, optical -15dBm~-21dBm (660nm). Digital output: caox: 0.5vp-p/75Ohm, optical: -15dBm~-21dBm (660nm)


User Manual: DM-9090

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