Kenwood DM-7090

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All, DM-VH7, SG7, MD-203, DMF-5020, 3020, 9020/MD-2070, 7020, 1090MD, DM-5090, 3090, 1050MD, 9090, 7090, S500, DMF-7002, DM-F70, 7080, 1001, SE9, SE7

Kenwood DM-7090Home MD Deck
Intro: 9/1998 (? guess)

in: optical, coax, line. out: optical, coax, line, hdphn.440x94x373mm 5.2Kg

Features: Sony ATRAC 3.5. 18 bit A/D (1 bit 5th order delta-sigma), 20 bit D/A (one bit 8fs oversampling dual DAC). 20 bit REC D.R.I.V.E (interpolation from 16 to 20 bits). Sampling rate converter. Undo function. Powers up automatically on disc insertion. 3 mode level meter. 12 character display. Mono recording. Title search function (allows one to look at titles and select a song while playing another selection). Editing preview (rehearse) function. Katakana titling input.

Links: Kenwood's English page for this unit. A What HiFi article dicusses the relative merits of the Kenwood DM-7090 and Sony MDS-JE500.

Specs: (all EIAJ, at playback time) Freq. resp: 8-20kHz, S/N: >105dB, Dynamic range: > 92dB, THD: <.007% (@1kHz), Channel separation: >105dB (@1kHz), Wow, +/-.001% peak. Input impedence: line: 500mv/22kOhm, Output level, impedence: 2v/600 Ohm, headphones: 20mw/32 Ohm, digital input: coax: 0.5vp-p/75 Ohm, optical -15dBm~-21dBm (660nm). Digital output: caox: 0.5vp-p/75 Ohm, optical: -15dBm~-21dBm (660nm)


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